Tuesday , August 3 2021

Malikov announced a 80 percent drop in revenue: Music: Culture: Lenta.ru

Russian singer Dmitry Malikov has reported that his income has dropped by 80% since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The performer’s words appear on the “Edit” issue of the YouTube channel on how the cancellation of the concerts affected the artists.

Earlier, Malikov received 15-20 thousand euros with an evening performance, but now, according to him, this amount is much lower. “And the euro has grown, and the ruble has gone down, and people are in a difficult situation now. But I agree with the rather humble conditions, for example for my band, because they can afford to pay for a month, ”the musician explained.

In November, Russian Honored Artist Valery Meladze once again denounced the difficulties of artists affected by the coronavirus, mainly due to the cancellation of all corporate events. Earlier, he called on pop performers to boycott films on New Year’s television programs to attract the attention of citizens to musicians who lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Meladz later admitted that he abandoned that idea and called for a “hypothetically” boycott and simply “threw the hook”.

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