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Margo Robbiek explained in detail how he kept himself in shape – secrets of the slim figure of the actress

Margot Robbie shared her body secrets

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28-year-old actress looks good and always looks great

The famous Australian actress, "I, Tonya" and "Suicide Squad" star Robot Margot's millions of girls all over the world envy us. How does it keep its shape? In the end, he started to film movies and preferred the type of sport he wrote, writing Daily Mail.

If you think that Robbie's diets are just smoothies and green salad, you're wrong. The girl sets the limit for drinking sugar, chocolate, fast food and healthy fats, but she eats a lot.

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He described his diet as a 28-year-old star: using breakfast greens or green meals, breakfast meals with food with lemon, preferring brown rice with chicken and preparing for dinner. Noodle rice with tuna or pork with vegetables.

But the actress sticks to strict nutrition to shoot and prepare. "The diet is not very useful. I love beer, fried, burger, but I have to enter a bikini in the shortest possible time, I can only eat carrots all day long," said Margo.

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By the way, he does not want to refuse a glass of wine.

Robbie cardiovascular loves life, but also strength and muscle. Margot is also boxing and leg exercises.

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