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Martial law in Kharkov: whether movements or mobility will be implemented

The questions about martial arts in Kharkoven responded to a HOGA briefing about the citizens. The U.S. Armed Forces Division prepares for fighting, the police and the Ukrainian Security Services work as an improvement. The residents of Kharkiv have asked to stop believing rumors and they do not panic.

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Will there be a Kharkov bar?

No, Kharkiv's position will in no way impinge on any Russian attack on the Russian Federation, but it is also a strong security.

"The police have been transferred to a stronger version of the service, if citizens do not have obstacles in their daily lives, their clothing will be strengthened, road safety will be strengthened, the number of patrols will increase in revenues and outings, but the police will not be hindered by the population." – said Sergey Chizh, Deputy Director of the State Academy of the Academy of Academy of Ukraine, in the Kharkiv region.

"All critical objects of critical infrastructure will be more rigorous and vigilant. First, transportation, subway, military facilities, warehouses, energy companies, Kharkuk provide water companies," said HOGA chief adviser. legal issues Sergey Storozhenko.

Do I have to wait for mobility in Kharkov?

The military registration and landing office is working in a planned way, the training fees are not being made, they do not force the service, the military sms registration and the rental of the office requires the arrival of the fake.

"I urge you to stop speculating, no one will go home, someone is caught and dragged to a military record and pickup office. In our region, the call is almost complete. If all or part of the movement is made, the military commissioners have all the necessary skills," – said Storozhenko.

Passport or military identification is not necessary. The cross border order (along with the Russian Federation) does not change.

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Vgorode Help

On Friday, November 25, at 6:00 p.m., Yany Kapu boat coupled with boats in Ukraine, Berdyansk and Nikopol, aboard the Odessa port and went to Mariupol. 06:34, ships of the Russian border ship and "Suzdalets" ship ships of the Black Sea began to maneuver around Ukrainians. At 1:05 a.m., the Russian attack helicopters attacked Ka-52 and attack Su-25, and Don Coast Coast Guard flees Ukrainian ships. On November 26, 2018, Verkhovna Rada adopted a decree against the marginal law of some Ukrainian regions, including Kharkov. The mayor has said how stations, airports and banks remain at Kharkov's martial arts and that new year holidays will be suspended.

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