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Memes and Jokes on Ukrainian Law

The Ukrainian segment of the Internet reacted quite vigorously and humorous to the introduction of the martial law of Ukraine.

Recall, President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine has signed the law on the "Decree of the Vice President of Ukraine" in the implementation of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, "and the Verkhovna Rada admits that the document has been introduced in 30 days by Martial Arts, from November 26, 2018 to 2:00 p.m., December 26, 2018.

Such a regime will take place in the waters of Vinnitsa, Luhansk, Mykolaiv, Odessa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya, Kherson and inland waters of Ukraine in Azov-Kerch. The authorities decided to establish that regime as a result of the Kerch Strait, the Russian border ships were captured in the Ukrainian Armed Forces Army and were captured by 24 Ukrainian ships.

Kerch conflicts and martial arts in Ukraine – a world reaction

The website has immediately criticized the decision to impose the martial law. Some users argued that they had to go in earlier, others said they had entered into martial warfare, but the war was not declared, the others decided to suspend the election, the fourth found an economic reason for this movement. In one way or another, the reaction was ambiguous.

Most users acted on the situation and planned possible developments. "Vesti" picked up the most popular jokes and memes.

The former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has shown videos of children who have learned something on the social media page.

"A lawsuit for law, psychosis, and hysteria has been intensified. More than 60 orphaned Mariupol refugees were dropped on the outskirts of the African Sea by the Poroshenko militants, who had to shovel them and trenches and trenches, and girls began to cleanse the surface There were problems, "wrote Nikolai Yanovich.

As a result, this video emerged from TV-7's Mariupol television channel, which was directed by the Republican Republic of the Republic of Mariupol, led by Gennady Mokhnenko Shepherd, "will strengthen the city's lubricants by the city's defenders" (according to Mokhnenko).

Social networking users presented their martial law in their cities.

"Remote news! In Dnieper, the market is fully admitted. There are police and SBU around the perimeter of the bazaar. Everyone who works in the market has got powerful wagons, and the pillars are aimed at areas where the martial law is enforced, because people pierce their trenches, we did not have a yacht They took chocolates to market tea. They are small and have no tips. Children are tears, wounded shock and urgent repost, "writes the famous Dnieper blogger and ATO member Vyacheslav Poezdnik.

It's true. Then adds: And here's such Facebook. People that you send?

"A friend called it automatically! He calls bugs and help, with a bayonet hat, scrap and warm mittens. Everyone said they would not get mittens, and the frosts were away!", Said Dmitry Antonov.

Martial Law – Kieven, the students organized a flash mob against Ukrainians' terror

"We received a red phone: on the new bridge, all the minibuses are stopped and they are transported to the National Guard, and those who can not do moats, which were called at school, all went to a community service – a vegetable watermelon, a call that was made to the hospital Pedestrian patients were raised and uranium mines were sent to Yellow Waters on foot. And those who can not go on track to sign a special piece of paper, and immediately move it to an operating room, dismantle the APU's organs. I keep quiet about it, everyone collects They have been pulled up without the wrists, they drove into the National Guard after the duck, and afternoon they went home and took the blades, and so they called on all the pensioners to force the pigs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to feed the apartment. They feed their winter pensions, and summer In the news, in Easter, they will be sent to the military and land registry offices. And the students! Poor students The girls took the couple and served with the APU for soldiers. All the boys were cut into the National Guard. All domestic dogs are extracted and trained, because they have learned the mines underneath the tanks. Beasts! Even the mayor of Filatov was banned by voters … whisper! They say, they say, the time is now military, you can not turn it on, you can just wiggle it for a while. And this is the Dnieper, where martial is not there! What's in there "- Boris Mukhin writes from the Dnieper.

"And in Poland, the hysterical people are hysterical, they wanted to go to the New Year, and nowadays they are afraid that" car drivers "will be introduced, wrote by Sergey Yakovenko

"You're laughing here, and my daughter went to Genichesk with an electric train, with a small dog, so they trained snipers and the dog was a battalion of the building. They say they are not sniper dogs, I've already persuaded and cried. It always enters the tray, still separated … "- wrote Dmitry Belotserkovets.

"Called by a friend of a daughter's daughter and soldier's winter uniform and the imposition of martial law, the military began to cure domestic cats after the district's fighters warmed up. Maximum version," wrote Oleg Rostovsev.

But most were "shocked" in the post of "Maidan" chief editor of the public post. Reports "Cyril Taller.

"Today they have come to us in the military registry and rental office.

– Will I?

– No. We need your fireplaces.

– Jerzy?

– According to Decree Law 9338, according to martial law, all dual use animals may be expelled for the needs of the army.

– Dual goal for hedgehogs?

– I'm sure. Animals are included in the register of mammals that are suitable for use in the ranking of the Armed Forces of the United States to strengthen the country's defense capacity. Secret position

– … ???

– Do not worry. Textile 72. OMBR garbage company will be awarded. It's a good team with normal fighting. Put these …

– Why do you need fireplaces? …

– The rings will carry out sanitation on the Svetlodar arch. KB "Mayak" has begun to develop and produce mini-mine detectors that can be moved to fireplaces.

– … !!!

– Do not worry, the hunters will not die. Mine works from 3 kg. Weight, and your urchins, as we know, from 630 to 1100 grams … Have you not lately nourished chickens?

– No, they lost weight …

– Great. Let us voluntarily transfer the documents you wish to transfer …

– Excuse me, Major …

– Captain Novak.

– Excuse me, Captain Novak, but nothing happens.

– Why?

– It's winter Hunters are not winter. They are sleepy And all of our puppies are also sleeping.

– Are you sleepy? I hear the fire in the kitchen …

– No, this kettle is just boiling. And the nurses are asleep. If you release honey in winter, you will find a hole and it will fall asleep.

– Hmm … Something at the top was not taken into account … OK. So are your urchins sleeping?

– Yes, in hibernation. Three

– I see … Thank you … Although it does not matter. Goodbye

Now I sit in a light prostration. And you said, excluding the National Guard under the train … I asked for a refund, if you have pets! "- He wrote the workshop

Martial Law: The General Staff spoke about what was not to be written on social networks

Blogger Anton Hozza infected a story.

"In all of the BDSM salons in Ukraine, the National Guard and the SBU fluctuations are taking place. Martial Laws for harnessing needs for cavalry, for what it came from," the blogger shared his information.

In his post, comments have already been published by the murderer of a residents of the Chernihiv region, which entered into martial law, who tried to enter into next, Kiev, where there is no martial law.

However, Uryadovy Kuryer's first major martial law may be the editor, with Martial's Legal Decree, published with errors. Oleg Eltsov, the journalist, stated this version.

"Incidentally, do not worry, according to the decree, human rights can only restrict terror", it is written by citizens of the Girondins.

"Kiev and all the Russian Russians around, on Thursday, November 29, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. Melnik-Dokterivskaya street (next to the cemetery) Everyone should take documents, money, interior clothing, etc." Qiang Martial Law "joked in the public meeting.

"We need to buy salt, sugar games, I will light salt, sugar and fire" – write in the same place.

"By the decree of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko Petr Alekseevich, the possibility of seizing the rented apartment for the New Year was approved," says the Nitsche Public Festival.

Many social networking users are online and discuss the state of Azov Sea.

"Azov supported the sea," says Sergey Salivon.

"In an incomprehensible situation, the Vinniti legal framework is imposed," commented Alexander Vasiliyev

"Now, Facebook's fiery champion will replace the fight with inflatable leather," said Oleg Cherny.

"To strengthen Fleet, Bogdan's concern will set the release of mobile buses," said Vsevolod Doroshenko.

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