Wednesday , January 20 2021

New systems will help you save fuel fuel

Ford has launched a technology called EcoGuide, designed to reduce fuel consumption and reduce financial costs.

The main mission of EcoGuide is to predict the state of the road, as the drivers will slow down and become more efficient.

The complex uses data from the satellite navigation system, allowing the driver to pre-empt the gas, when braking brakes pass, when vowels and other paths approach.

EcoGuide analyzes driver behavior and makes recommendations for speed and transmission. As a result, acceleration and braking are not required, as it has a positive impact on fuel consumption.

The new technology is designed for commercial vehicles. It will be available in models like Ford Transit, Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom this year.

It is argued that thanks to EcoGuide, fuel savings can be 12 percent. Intensive use of the vehicle will be an economic gain.

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