Friday , August 19 2022

New Yorker Bantu new image – Technologies


The OSIRIS-REx device has made a new asteroid picture Bennu. As reported on the NASA website, the image was released on November 16, when the phone was 136 kilometers from the cell surface.

In the new image you can see the stones and craters that cover the Bennu surface. Already in December, OSIRIS-REx will use the MapCam camera, color images of asteroids and distribute surface substances.

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The mission of the station will last until 2021, and the reversible movement towards the Earth will begin. While in its asteroid orbit, OSIRIS-Rex needs to extract images of asteroids, draw their map and touch the surface once the soil samples are collected.

Previously, scientists have stated Asteroid ground-breaking asteroids ground-based telescopes remain invisible. The researchers found out that they had detected observatories to find land.

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