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Olga Freimute showed an image in a swimsuit

The TV presenter asked his fans about the image they had taken over the years

Olga Freimuth

Olga Freimuth

Photo: Instagram

Olga Freimut, a reputed television commercial television company on the Isles, rested in Switzerland with children, showed a dense image. Olga fans surprised and published a new photo of her bikini on her Instagram page.

The image shows the mother of three children, TV presenter Freimut Zurich, Switzerland is taking a break. The woman in Ukraine with a pink bath. Olya suggested that fans of the signing take this picture.

Olga Freimut Photo:

The fans were without losses. Some people wrote a photo taken in the early 2000s, which they did a few years ago.

Olga Freimut recently introduced a new book. The collections include Olga Kobylyanskaya, Faina Ranevskaya, Lesia Ukrainski, Yuri Vinnichuk, Natalena Koroleva, Marina Tsvetaeva and Anton Chekhov. For the first time, the works of renowned and well-known O. Henry, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf and Kate Chopin are written in the 1900s.

And the TV presenter talked about family traditions.

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