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One Ukrainian sailor from the "tribunal" of Russia said he did not understand Russia and asked the translator – Ukraine

Oleg Melnichu said he was not guilty.

captains Ukrainian sailing boats "Yany Kapu" Oleg Melnichuk acquired a Russian translator in "Simferopol" in the Ukrainian occupation.

This means that the channel "112 in Ukraine" said Edem Semedlyaev's lawyer, "Gordon" reports.

"He took advantage of the right of an interpreter, said he did not fully understand that Russians sent Russians and Russians to a Russian translator. The court said he was not guilty, he did not consider it in this case and was ready to defend his innocence" anywhere, even in court "said the lawyer.

The journalist Anton Naumlyuk stated that he was present at the "trial" that Melnichus was the only sailor to ask a translator.

"It has been rigorous and inaccurate in Ukraine," wrote the journalist.

Remember, on November 25 in the morning, the Russian Yany Kapu rider Ukrainian boat and two Berdyansk and Nikopol boats were blocked on the Kerch stretch. To this end, the Russians blocked the movement of tanks in the Crimea bridge and went even further Boat decoration on the boat of Don. On the same evening in the afternoon, the Russian ships were attacked and captured At least six Ukrainian sailors injured and the rest in captivity.

On November 26 night, the NSDC made an emergency meeting He wants to present Ukrainian law of war Russian Attack in Azov Sea.

After taking the Security Council decision, the Verkhovna Rada spokesman of Ukraine, Andrei Paruby The Verkhovna Rada has called for an extraordinary meeting On Monday, November 26, at 4:00 p.m. President Petro Poroshenko, at the same time, decide decision and the Verkhovna Rada introduced the decree of the President of Ukraine adopted "On entry to the martial law of Ukraine", then, admitted Ukrainian deputy.

videoFate of sailors: 24 sailors arrested by Russian soldiers arrested by "court"

They cross border law. Even though our sailors are affected, the invaders give up 60 days of arrests. But in Crimea, people bring food and clothing to our court for our prisoners.

Fate of sailors:

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