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"Poor Nastya" is more afraid of fans

Russian actress Elena Korikova, the star of the well-known television series "Pobrea Nastya" frightened fans. The fan of the actors indicated that Elena was doing too much with plastic operations. The television channel Star News released Korikova's photos at the beginning of the 2000s, at the age of 20, and has a current photo, now 46 actors have responded.

"In fact, look at the photo and look like the" Poor Nastya ", the protagonist of the famous TV series, Elvis Korikova, before and after the intervention of Krivoruk's cosmetologists," said the channel.

It was once again known that 46-year-old Elena decided to make dramatic changes in her life and had also worked with psychology. "I went to the new knowledge …" – he signed one of his last shots. He also took a picture of "Discourse force" or "How to change a life in 4 weeks" by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He thinks that a person's thoughts have a direct impact on the brain's work and, as a result, in general life. In this sense, the reader recommends the meditation method to dominate over the months. The subscribers were pleased, and some followers read this.

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