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Results 27.02: Cancellation of Eurovision and decision by LCP

Results 27.02: Cancellation of Eurovision and decision by LCP

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Ukraine will not reach Eurovision-2019

When Ukraine refused to Eurovision, the Constitutional Court explained the annulment of the article on illegal enrichment. highlights yesterday's main events.

AP enriches is preparing a new illegal law

An invoice on the article on the illegalization of the Presidency will be made immediately to the parliament. On Wednesday, February 27, Verkhovna Rada, President of Irina Lutsen, was quoted as saying.

"The President will immediately present an invoice where the comments of the LCP will be taken into account, and the return of the article will be brought back to inconsistency with the Ukrainian legislation and in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine," said the President.

Trump held a "great" meeting with Kim Jong

US President Donald Trump announced that he was leader of the North American Hanoi, Kim Jong-un, on Wednesday, February 27.

"Vietnam Vietnam's dinner and dinner, with Kim Jong-un, a Korean leader. Good conversation, tomorrow I hope to continue our discussions," he wrote on Twitter.

NABU undertook a "schema" investigation in the defense industry

The National Anti-Corruption Officer has conducted prefectural investigation into misappropriation signs, property wasting or abuse of the official position based on an analysis of information published by the journalists on corruption in the defense sector. NABU's press service has been announced on Wednesday, February 27.

"The information presented by Lesia Ivanova on journalistic information on corruption in the area of ​​defense is under investigation by some research projects on prejudicial investigations by the United Nations. Possible invasion of statistical funds and the Ukrainian budget situation On February 26, 2019, the NABU detectives provided information on the ERDR Initial investigations began with the punishment of a sentence of part of section 191 of the Penal Code of Ukraine, "he says.

Ukraine was not represented by Eurovision

The public responsible for the selection of a Eurovision representative decided not to send a Ukrainian competitor this year. This is a statement about the UA site: Suspension Movles on Wednesday, February 27.

"The current National Eurovision Song Contest, winner of the National Selection, was MARUV, as Public Broadcasting signed a Ukrainian agreement in a song contest every year. However, after the negotiations, MARUV has not signed a contract," said the statement.

KSU annulled the article on illegal enrichment

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine has issued a decision to abolish illegal enrichment of Article Penal Code on Wednesday, February 27, according to court website.

"The Constitutional Court of Ukraine concluded that Article 368-2 of the Code does not respond to requests for clarity, accuracy, and unity, and therefore a legal certainty is in conflict with the principle of law contained in article 8 of the Constitution of Ukraine," said the judge.

Kharkiv City Council approved the increase in passenger prices

Members of the Kharkiv City Council approved the decision of executive committees to set new tariffs for electric vehicles (6 hryvnia – tram and cargo – 8 hryvnia). The decision was made on Wednesday, February 27, 2003.

During the vote, 50 members agreed to maintain the rates established in the transport. The cost of traveling on the subway, tram and tram buses and establishing rates for 4-5 hryvnia level, spoke against 21 deputies.

The Ukraine and the Russian Federation signed a fishing agreement

The Ukrainian Fisheries Agency has signed a protocol on the allocation of fishing quotas in the Azov Sea, with a major division of the Russian Federation. This was announced by the State Fisheries Agency press service.

"Following extensive consultations with senior executive authorities, the Signature Protocol decided to send the Russian Union through diplomatic channels, which is why the fishermen's islands were able to collect aquatic biological resources in the Azov Sea, legal framework, Ukraine," said the State Fisheries Agency, Yaroslav President Belov.

NABU will infect 65 penalties due to CCU's decision

The National Anti-Corruption Office, the decision of the Constitutional Court to eliminate criminal liability for illegal enrichment, will close some 65 productions, the NAB press service.

In fact, the NABU detectives are investigating illegal enrichment research over a million million hryvnia, in 65 criminal proceedings. Origin of origin of source origin refers to fair judges, prosecutors, deputies, Americans and current bodies.

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