Thursday , August 11 2022

Review: Bitcoins will find "bottom" less than 85% of the maximum history


Anthony Pompiano, founder and director of the Morgan Creek venture capital company, believes that the first cryptoconference is "below" to reach 85% below the historical majority. This was said on Monday in the Squawk Box program at CNBC.

"Everything will end somewhere with a historical maximum of 85%, which is around $ 3,000. We approach the weekend, but we're likely to go a bit". – Pompiano said, based on the experience of his prediction in his cryptic space.

During the transfer, according to the host, many investors lost confidence, and this may be a bit of a return on the Bitcoin return this year. From now on, Pompiano said Bitcoin overwhelmed him when he arrived at the historic majority and saw a healthy correction.

"Bitcoin declined in December 2017. This year, there were more buyers than buyers, so the price dropped, but there are three things to be taken into account: First, Bitcoin is a transaction platform, the safest platform in the world, and has some values It can not cost anything, it is the most profitable class in the last 10 years, the longest bullfight in the S & P, Dow Jones and Nasdaq, etc. At this time, 80% fell twice, but in the last two years, It grew by 400. Thirdly, all of this is achieved by retail investors ", Said Pompiano.

In response to one of Bitcoin's repetition of the Tulipman scenario, Morgan Creek said that in 2017 most of the buyers were retail, now financial institutions have started to connect.

"This is not often said, but most do not buy in the stock market. OTC market purchased, this is not transparent, so we're keeping loyal retail investors", – Pompiano is added

He also assured Morgan Creek that he did not want to invest in Bitcoin but, conversely, he would buy a price cuts, "because Bitcoin's faith is very profound."

Previously, Anthony Pompiano said that the cryptoconferencing coverage funds will be closed due to the fact that the ICO project will punish and punish them. According to him, the "tourist" industry is a natural cleaning process.

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