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Savchenko was arrested after the operation

Savchenko was arrested after the operation

Savchenko Court, March 23. Photo: REUTERS / Valentyn Ogirenko

Close Hope to say that hurry does not let it recover.

Nadezhda was taken to Savice on SIZO the next day after the operation. Facebook about this about the deputy sister of Vera Savchenko. In the hospital, Nadezhda spent a day, relatives believed that he could not recover in the isolation room.

The operation of the Nadezhda Savchenko Knee Association was carried out on the morning of November 27 at the Kiev Institute of Physical Education.

"This is a fractured ligament, and then a fracture of a horizontal meniscus," explained Vera Savchenko of Ukraine to Pravda.

According to him, the pain was unbearable and prevented the sleep of Savchen.

In the beginning of November Vera Savchenko said in an interview that her healthy sister was significantly diminished. According to him, apart from his knees, he is worried about the detained arresting teeth.

Nadezhda arrested in Savchenko as of March 23, 2018. They were accused of confiscating the power of the constitutional system and the power of the State. Finally, the judge extended his detention until December 23.

Photo: Facebook Faith Savchenko


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