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Silence and Gold from Investing.com

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Investing.com – The world market continues to grow, at 8:00 p.m., time in Moscow, up to 500%, up to 26 October last year, that is, the loss of the last long recession. Boeing shares (NYSE:) rose 5.2% in serious news: sales and earnings of 2108 significantly exceeded forecasts, the company said it intends to provide 900 commercial aircraft in 2019 by 2016 in 806. Apple (Nasdaq) shares rose by 4.3% after increasing service sales growth, and CEO Tim Cook said trade tensions have intensified tensions between US and China.

However, since Apple has taken this information it has not been completely clear: the latest American-Chinese issue of official Huawei allegations in the United States, which could not help "reduce tensions."

The growth of the market, largely due to continuous expectations of rhetoric, has now begun following the Fed meeting. Economic news are not very good: according to ADP, the number of non-agricultural sector employed in the United States rose to 213 million in December, compared to 180,900 million euros. Another economy would be happy about it, but it means the risk of lower unemployment in the US. and, consequently, the growing pressure of the labor market. At the same time, real estate sales are declining, the December sales index did not decrease by 2.2%, with an increase of 0.8%, and fell in the third month. Many experts emphasize that the Fed is in a stalemate: currency tightness in the currency policy would be damaging to the market and could be beneficial for the whole economy. At the same time, increasing the rate of interest in economic problems and lobbying for US leadership, that is, can threaten the image of an independent regulator and the worse the rate is not worse. However, happiness would not be, but misfortunes have helped: the "shatdaun" government is delaying many economic reports, and the Fed leadership maintains a formal reason for silence.

The oil price has risen in recent weeks in the US crude oil, rising 0.9 million barrels and forecasting 3.1 million barrels. In fact, growth has not deteriorated yet. In fact, the country's gasoline reserves have reduced 2.24 million barrels, with 2.8 million growth forecasts, the first drop in the last nine weeks, which is truly livelier.

The growth factor is another continuous development of the Venezuelan crisis. At the moment, the authorities have been arrested by President Juan Guaydo, who has been appointed president, and has not been forced to go abroad, he refused to accept the government and Venezuelan central bank in the accounts of American banks. 20:40 Moscow time, the barricade futures increased 1.8% to 62.3 dollars.

This situation is very positive for the Russian economy. There are only private funds (for example, private funds, such as Rosneft funds (MCX :)), debt-related US $ 17 million, especially weapons, are stuck. And as experts often say, "the truth is that the weapons were still going to be written and the real image should be divided into 20 parts," but it is still unpleasant. Russia's Treasury Deputy Sergey Storch accepted the eve, perhaps, that Venezuela could have difficulty obtaining debt. And today, the Prime Minister, Dmitry Kozak, admitted that Russian companies may have problems.

Bloomberg now cites two sources, said Boeing Russian was located in the airport of Caracas, the Venezuelan Central Bank office to export 20 tons of gold 840 million dollars or the fifth of its country's gold reserves. If this message proves to be true and the Venezuelan Venezuelan official president, Nicolas Maduro, loses power, it is not surprising that Russian and Russian companies may have problems facing the country's new leadership. It should be noted that the attempt to cut the gold reserve is ready to give opinion to Maduro. The official representative of the Venezuelan government has abolished the presence of the aircraft aircraft, even if flight data is on the FlightRadar website. The Russian authorities denied the appearance of the aircraft. It seems that another of Russia found Venezuelans more expensive than their Russian debts. However, despite the current state of Russia, he has decided to drive Venezuelan plane without the knowledge of the Russian authorities.

In the meantime, the Russian market, like herbs, continues to grow. Russian Rubber MosBirzh indexes updated the historical maximum: 2513.77 points, and the end of the year by 0.54%. The strengthened income increased by 0.64%. So, when the ruble begins to weaken again, the MosBirzy index still has a large margin for setting new records.

Actually, the Ruble seeks under the 66th post. Today, at 7:00 p.m., it's time for Moscow, the dollar price dropped 13 kopeks. 65.92 rubles. In addition to all the rest, rubles – the weakness of the dollar, the rise in oil prices and other things, the seasonal factors continue to work. "Stability remains the same in the first quarter, when the market is sleeping, imports are falling and export revenues continue to flow, while the peak of the year is over, which is more than the currency market digests, ending at the end of April and May. If nothing happens in the oil and sanitation lines, the wolf may probably be quiet, this trend continues, "says Oleg Solntsev, one of the leading experts in the macroeconomic and short-term forecasting center.

Following the continued interest in Russia, the Ministry of Finance has worth 25 million rubles of the OFV. However, the volume of supply was reduced, of course, the previous attempt was allocated to 35 million rubles at the same time. It was not very successful. "We have placed the market in a good demand, especially for local investors, and it is a great demand to keep up the Fed interest rates and keep the interest of global investors in developing countries. Neighbors' activities are now shorter because they are afraid of penalties." says Sergei Suverov senior analyst at BCS. "This can last for many weeks and it is difficult to carry out plans later, accelerating the development of the issue with the Russian conflict since the Venezuelan conflict."

(Text prepared by Daniel Zhelobanov)

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