Thursday , January 21 2021

Spain won against Norway

Spain won against Norway

Luis Enrique defeated the Norwegians as a result of a goal by Ramos (2: 1).



Spain started its starting line-up against Norway in 2020. Luis Enrique came out of the first minutes to find out about the initiative of the game and wanted to create it in the portal of the enemy. The Norwegian team's defense continued in the third half and later fell to Rodrigo. 1: 0.

Literally a few minutes later, he led the Rodrigo ball with his heel after transferring Navas – Yarstein moved the ball. The Norwegians gradually pushed the match out of their door and managed to pursue an hour in the middle of the half hour of the match. Elyunussi could not drop the ball after a few meters after losing a door.

At the end of the game, he reached the Spanish national team, but Yarstein was not disturbed. In the beginning, Morata got herself wrong and later turned her head Rodrigo was unable to complete the luxury combination of his team. The judge whistled the Spanish with the minimum advantage.

The Norwegian team did not give up and caused the number of yellow card actively started in the second half. Both teams fought in the center of the ball with "mustard reliefs". In the third minute, Sergio Ramos received a remote goal but could not get a goal.

It seems that the Spaniards had to pay so terrible, and that happened. Martinez has been attacked by his sentence and Joshua King has "sentenced" him with confidence. 1: 1. However, the Spanish national team has recovered its advantage over the long term. Yarstein introduced Morata into her own area and the judge immediately stated "the point."

At the end of the match, the Norwegians tried to recover the match, but the attacks were not sharp. The Spaniards sensibly played the game from their door and did not create dangerous opponents. At the end of the match, Asencio could score his goal, but Marco sent the ball. The last whistle made the victory of the Spanish national team.

Spanish – Norway 2: 1
Goals: Rodrigo, 16, Ramos, 71 – King, 65 years old.

Spanish: De Gea – Navas, Martinez, Ramos, Alba – Parejo (Rodrigo, 76), Busquets, Ceballos (Channels, 74) – Asencio, Morata (Mata, 89), Rodrigo.

In norway: Yarstein – Elabellaoui, Yesterday, Nordtveit, Alice – Odegor (M. Elyunussi, 56), Henriksen, Selnes, Johansen (Camera, 77) – King, T. Elyunusi (Johnsen, 55)

reminders: Ceballos, Martinez – Iyer, Johnsen, Johansen, T. Elyunussi.

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