Tuesday , March 21 2023

Star the "District Melrose" hospital rattled


Star of the series "District Melrose" Heather Locklear, a candidate prepared by a hospital, beating the artist, went to the psychiatric hospital. According to the organization, the celebrity will spend two weeks.

According to the TMZ publication, the actress in the mental hospital is a very disturbing time and does not leave for a long time. He initially thought that Heather would take place three days in the hospital, but doctors realized that things were much worse. Locklear therapy may take longer. However, the celebrity demands that he send it to his home.

Remember that, in the middle of June this year, Heather Locklear was hospitalized at the age of 56 with aggressive domestic behavior and suicide. Previously, the actress acted strangely, so parents' concerns came home. There was a conflict between them: Heather rang his father and tried to stretch his mother. Parents called police and doctors, soon to bring him home. Locklear seems to have had time to trauma and paramedics. One of them is quite serious.

There was a fire in a Vinny Hospital Hospital Psychiatric Hospital.

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