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Switzerland – Ukraine. Eve –

[ad_1] has announced the announcement of the duel between the Swiss and Ukrainian teams in the last match of the League of Nations.

Ukraine - Switzerland, Photo: UAF

Ukraine – Switzerland, Photo: UAF
November 17, 2020, 7 p.m.

Switzerland will host the Ukrainian national team. The owners need victory. In some situations, Ukraine may be happy with the defeat. It will be this match that will determine which of the pair will go to Group B of the Nations League, and who will be able to keep them in the strongest section.

Switzerland – Ukraine

Tuesday, Nov. 17, 9:45 p.m. Swissporarena, Lucerne. Thassos Sidiropoulos (Greece) – main referee of the meeting. Broadcast on Football 1 and Ukrainian TV channels.

The Ukrainian team is left to play the last match of the League of Nations in this rally. This tournament showed what our team is capable of. He revealed his strengths and revealed his weaknesses. But on the road that will become the most important of the whole selection is the final match against Switzerland, a kind of analysis. The result of all efforts depends on this match.

The Ukrainian team lost twice against Germany in that selection, responding to a rotating defeat outside of Spain with a minimal victory at home. He also won the match against Switzerland in the opening round. To continue in the strongest division, the neighborhoods of Andriy Shevchenko must not lose.

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On the one hand, the task seems impossible, but on the other hand, there are the problems of the staff who persecute our team. On the eve of the match against Switzerland, three other players were added – Dmitry Reznik, Eduard Sobol and Evgeny Makarenko. And if the loss of goalkeeper Vorskla doesn’t seem like a horrible thing, then the loss of Sobol and Makarenko significantly spoils the pink picture that no longer exists.

Andriy Shevchenko decided to play it safe and called in a hurry the players of the Ukrainian youth team – Alexander Nazarenko, Serhiy Buletsu and Georgy Sudakov. The head coach of the national team decided to call these specific players from the youth team because they had all just received a negative test and would be able to definitely help at the next meeting.

As for the fight itself, the game will be open, of course. The Swiss will move forward with great vigor as they need victory. We hope that our footballers will not close down and sit on defense. Therefore, we expect an open game with challenging moments and many goals.

In the first game, the Swiss covered our team very well in the middle of the field. We couldn’t get out of the pressure from the Swiss, but luckily Vladimir Petkovich’s team couldn’t take advantage of that. We hope that our coaches will draw conclusions from this fight and figure out how to break the high pressure of the opponent and create his sharp attacks.

Personal meeting statistics

All games: 3 (0 Switzerland wins, 2 draws, 1 Ukraine wins), goal difference 3: 4
On the Swiss pitch: 2 matches (0 wins for Switzerland, 2 draws, 0 wins for Ukraine), goal difference 2: 2
On the Ukrainian field: Match 1 (0 wins by Switzerland, 0 draws, 1 wins by Ukraine), goal difference 1: 2
Most productive match: 2: 2 (2010)

footballprediction 3: 3

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