Monday , November 29 2021

Tesla has been shared after the announcement of the S&P 500 list


Tesla has been shared after the announcement of the S&P 500 list

On Nov. 16, the S&P Dow Jones Indices Committee announced plans to include the acclaimed Tesla electric car maker in the S&P 500 rankings – the company Elon Musk will release on Dec. 21 with the release of the new edition. Following this announcement, Tesla shares rose sharply.

Following the close of trading on the NASDAQ exchange on November 16, the share price of Tesla was $ 408.09 and on November 17, trading resumed at $ 460.17 per share. At the time of the release, Tesla’s shares were $ 446.28, up 9.36% from the close of the previous session.

Tesla has been shared after the announcement of the S&P 500 listIn September, the S&P Dow Jones Indices refused to include the Tesla S & P500 in the rating, even though by then Elon Musk had met all the key criteria, including a major one on maintaining profitability for four consecutive quarters. Last month, Tesla reported earnings in the fifth quarter – a record $ 331 million. And now the S&P Dow Jones Indices has decided to include the Tesla S & P500 index. Index compilers do not specify who they want to exclude from the list. The name of the retiring company will be announced as soon as the new rating is published.

As CNBC noted, at the time of its announcement of its entry into the Tesla rating, Elon Musk was already among the top ten most expensive companies in the S&P500 America.

Tesla split the shares in a five-point ratio in August, and after trading with the distribution on August 31, the shares rose to a new high of $ 498.32, bringing Tesla’s market capitalization to $ 464.3 billion. This record still has it.

By the end of this year, Tesla expects to ship 500 thousand cars (the result was 367,500 cars in 2019) and for the first time could make profits for the full year, with a sales volume of one million cars next year.

  • S&P is one of the top three U.S. indices along with the Dow Jones and Nasdaq. It includes the 505 largest companies in terms of capitalization, and their shares are traded on US stock exchanges.
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