Tuesday , September 21 2021

The Azov state network said about injured seafarers

after Russian attacks on Ukrainian vessels in the Azovese sea, the network has reported the data of our injured seafarers: the occupiers were in Odessa Odessa, Andre Eider and Novoukrainka, who were enrolled in the birth of Andrei Artemis. This has been announced on his Facebook spokesman of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko.

"Andrei Eider, Andrei Artemis, Young, Beautiful, Cadets, Sailors of Ukraine, Russian villains wounded and caught … We pray. We will listen immediately."– said in a statement.


Meanwhile, journalist Andrey Tsaplienko He also wrote the catches of these sailors and captured the invaders in Moscow.

Andrei Eider was born in Odessa in 1999. Andrei Artemis was born in 1994 in the Kirovograd region of Novo-Krakow, where invaders were sent to children wounded in Moscow, according to previous data, boys were not attacked "– he wrote.


We would recall that former opposition lawyer Lyudmila Denisova, after negotiating with Russian patrols, invaded Ukraine into Kerch, admitted that allegedly "injured" suspected Russian investigators were hurt. He did not inform the delivery of Moscow prisoners.

At the same time, Ukrainian military Victor Kevlyuk On Facebook, he said one of our captain ships was a former cadet in 2014 when they searched the Ukrainian Hymn when they were seized at the Sevastopol Marine Institute.

"For four years, a commander was definitely growing and, fearlessly, the world's ship was not very strong when the enemy was 10 times stronger in the fight against the under-empire breaking their teeth"– wrote, without naming the name of the hero of his message.


In addition, "two wounded sailors are Odessa, who is considered a Russian city for dementia," said Odessa.

Likewise, the vice president of Ukraine and the Defense Minister have been former consultants Yuri Biryukov make sure the Russian sailors during the attack "Ukrainian was not played like a rabbit".

"1) Ours were not drawn as bunnies, they retreated, but the proportion between 2 and 10. 2) MBAK (Small Armored Artillery Boat – Ed.) One was not caught, but blocked from all sides. They did not attack, see reason Point 1 "– he said.


November 25 The Russian military captured Azov's Ukrainian ship. The Ukrainian ships left Kerch Strait. While Ukrainians were captured by Ukrainian waters, six were injured in Ukraine.


At the NSDC meeting, on November 25-26, Ukraine imposed a martial law, the Russian Federation's actions in Azov Sea. Martial law will be introduced for 60 days. The introduction of the martial law is sponsored by President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine.

For more information about Sea of ​​Azov development, see "Today" site: Ukraine's response to the Russian Attack on the Azov Sea: Chronicle of events online.

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