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The Council of Ministers approved the purchase of Ukroboronproms gray

To date, the need for a defense industry in Ukraine to maintain the provision of military supplies of military equipment and weapons through the critical imports of "gray components" to purchase is still important in the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian Navy, and today the mechanisms coordinated by the Cabinet of Ministers are in the Ukrainian state of war. This was announced by Pavel Bukin, CEO of Ukroboronprom, CEO, Censorship reports. NO.

Evaluate the seriousness of the Ukroboronprom Ukroboronprom purchase background information for 2015-2017 by armored business by Ukroboronprom. This had a major impact on the public and political response of a large banner of "Our pennies". The Russian Federation, forming a smuggling of Russian mediation companies, said Bukin: "If we talk about what we call gray areas, we still need it."

"I asked the situation from the first day (head of the Ukroboronprom office in February 2018): I helped to solve the problem, so we received critical imports from a particular source: intelligence services or any other authorized state organization from closed catalogs and" Ukroboronprom " supply provided, "he said.

In response to the question posed by the current state of affairs, Ukroboronprom said: "The powers have been determined, the resolution of the Council of Ministers has been approved, which is coordinated with the Ministry of Finance".

"He continues to solve procedural and financial issues on the work system," he added, "I emphasize (She is a new public contracting system for critical critical components, with 200% of national special services control."

In response to a question about his impressions about journalism research Bigus Info, Bukin said: "My assessment is clear: this story has clear signs of handling incidents that stretch our ears, trying to glue in the big picture."

"Although events that took place in the years 2015-2016 were the main source of information at that time, what was the responsibility of the security of research materials, if that were really the case? The most convincing excussion is true, accentuated by lies. Probably this is an investigation. It is necessary to understand the law enforcement agencies, "he said.

"I am willing to meet the merits, but what do you think of the investigation statement? A set of photos that come together with some conversations, which leads to profound consequences … There is not enough explanation for this photocontamination" Creativity. "I do not need a significant debate in the area. I am convinced that publishing certified information about questions and doubts that have not been published since the election of an earlier three years before the elections, "said Bukin.

In addition, Ukroboronprom chief has clarified that investigators' authorities have not reported concerns about Americans, starting from 2015-2016 and closing criminal cases in the 2015 Optimumspetsdetal LLC activities. At the same time, Bukin made a question: "How do journalists get specific information gathered during the investigation? Why was the public created? Why was it sent? Or it was not transmitted, and the authors of the film were harmed, as well as a criminal crime."

"Without answering these questions, the country will not know the truth," he stressed. Concerned and who I am personally willing to help with.

Remember, as reported by the media, Oleg Gladkovsky, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Igor his son, a friend, and Ukroboronprom Pavel Bukin, are participating in a deviation scheme of the Defense Complex. In addition, different levels of defense structure heads are supposed to participate in this scheme. At the same time, the journalist's concern for the State began with the handling, and Gladkovsky was appointed Deputy Secretary-General of the NSDC. The National Anti-Corruption Officer undertook a trial investigation.

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