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The Ecumenical Patriarch destroyed the Russian Orthodox Church in Western Europe


The Patriarchal Patriarchal Patriarchate of the Holy Synod was abolished by the 1999 Patriotic Patriots, which confirmed the stay of the Western European Orthodox Russian Theater under the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Protodeacon of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrei Kuraev called this "disturbing" decision. "Tomos said – he took a tomato," he added.

The holy synod of patriarchal ecumenism, wrapped up in Phanar on November 27, decided to dissolve the Orthodox orthodox diocese in Western Europe. Publishes the Orthodox edition, referring to the sources.

The Patriarchal Summit was suspended in 1999 as follows.

Protodeacon of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrei Kuraev wrote on her blog "will be reported later by official details".

"What will they do, they will enter into their eparchy gallium? But that is alarming: Tomos gave it – he took Tomos," he added.

On January 22, 1971, the Patriarchate Constantinople ruled over the ancient parishes of Ancient Exarchate of Western Russia, becoming Western European Orthodox Russian.

On June 19, 1999, Tomo of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in Barcelona confirmed the stay of the Archdiocese under the Patriarch of Constantinople, and was abandoned as an exile.

The Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate began in Istanbul on November 27 and November 29, 2018. Ukrinform can accept a theory of Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

On October 11, the Ecumenical Patriarchal Synods took decisions on Orthodox Church self-defense. In particular, in 1686 the decision of the Patriarchate of Constantinople was decided to refuse the administration of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Ukrainian church; The anathema imposed by the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) was deducted from the Kiev Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Kiev, Filaret; He and the Orthodox Church of Orthodox, Macarius, returned the canonical status.

In the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the ecumenical Patriarchate of Bartolomus will appear at the head of the joint Church of the Assembly. The cathedral will be held in December.

On October 15, the Orthodox Church's Russian synod broke the Eucharist's communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, on November 13, the UOC-MP Bishops' Council adopted it.

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