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The legendary captain Dynamo Kanevsky died

The legendary captain Dynamo Kanevsky died

Photo: FC Dynamo Kiev

Victor Kanevsky

Victor Kanevsky died on the 83rd anniversary. He was the only player in Kiev to play the Union of the 1962 World Cup.

Viktor Kanevsky, striker of Kiev, striker died at the age of 82.

The captain of the great 1961 teams became Massachusetts's first club of Moscow, a champion of SESB in Massachusetts, when he died in Bristol in America. There he lived recently.

Historically, during Victor's post-war period Dynamo is the "elite" of the birth of Kiev. Caneva, dressed in white-skirts dressed in white, played a central goalkeeper. And he achieved a lot: the 86th goal was very hard according to the standards of the world, in the USSR Championship. He won the 1962 World Cup in the Chilean soccer team.

Kanevsky was very technical, he had his own brand tricks. The blow came from both legs. Most players won from unexpected positions. His game was distinguished by a high point of the high-speed start and the field. Victor was not the only player of the group, he was a real leader. He was in charge of the captain of the January star of 1961.

After completing his career, he worked as a coach in Zaporozhye Metallurg, Metalist, Pakhtakor, Dnieper, Tavria and other clubs. In 1987, he moved to the United States until he was living in the last days.

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