Sunday , June 13 2021

The most controversial cruiser of 2020 was unexpectedly known

Mitsuoka Buddy is perhaps not even in 2020, but the most common, paradoxical, and controversial cruiser of recent years. However, the demand for this was so great that the queue was extended until 2023!

Remember that the new Mitsuoka crossover looks like a 70s and 80s Chevrolet SUV, but there is a modern Toyota RAV4 on the rear exterior. According to the hated Japanese company Mitsuoka, 50 copies are expected to be released next year, and another 150 in 2022. But customers will only be able to pick up some of them in 2023.

Remember that the price of the Mitsuoka Buddy is 4,697,000 yen ($ 45 thousand) and the RAV4 series can be purchased in Japan for 2,743,000 yen ($ 26 thousand). This is almost 2 times cheaper than Mitsuoka. What is it for? The Japanese, there are. After all, our man doesn’t understand how you can love to buy UAZ for fifty thousand dollars! The Japanese like it – they love the Japanese UAZ Loaf a lot.

Do you know what Mitsuoka cars are in Ukraine?

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