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The movement of the Crimean bridge is threatened by the trace of the soil

The occupation authorities that study the state of the soil near the Crimean bridge have brought it to an end to the bridge approach in the InformNapalm community.

In the occupied Crime, the defects in the actions of the OOO Stroygazmontazh contracting agency are the only highway that leads the soil to the crime bridge. InformNapalm intelligence community reported on 30 January, referring to closed documents sent by the federal agency of the Russian Federation's rail transport agency, according to the "ministry of transport authorities" in the peninsula.

It should be noted that "Stroygazmontazh" stores a large amount of land close to the Crimean bridge automobile.

"When the removal of soils came to an end, due to the weather, rain and water melted, the flood could be flooded at the top of the flood, resulting in a steep slope in road roads," – says the document.

Regarding this situation, Stroygazmontazh lifted the amount of water into the drainage system of the highway, according to the project, did not design these charges. For this reason, he lost the stability of the slope, the soil bundle fell to the ground, destroying the reinforcement of the hole and the drainage grid.

"In this area, the causes of flooding must be eradicated urgently, we restore the existing soil remodeling, we recall once again that the problem is not solved and the main road is slippery and therefore the traffic suspension in a single view of the Crimean bridge" – expressed in the document.

Bearing in mind that the originals of InformNapalm documents and photographs have been the Cyber ​​Alliance activists.

Photo: informnapalm.org

Photo: informnapalm.org

The bridge over the Kerch Strait, which connects Crimea and Krasnodar territory, opened in May 2018. Ukrainian authorities called the national security bridge.

In December of 2018 Yuri Medovar, a senior researcher at the Institute of Water Troubles in the Russian Academy of Sciences said bridges falls, and the current cleans it beneath its base brackets. A scientist He noted the increase in the money invested in the construction of the bridge, but the operation could be even more expensive, and driving on the bridge was not warned because it is a collapse risk.

Russia joined Russia to the military unit of Ukraine after the military blockade and illegal referendum on March 16, 2014. The annex to the Russian Federation Peninsula is not supported by most countries in Ukraine and the world.

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