Friday , January 22 2021

The Tor project approved donations in different cryptocommunities

In an effort to ensure anonymity in the Internet, the Tor project approved donations in several cryptometries. One day, on the project site, a list of the digital assets held as donations appeared.

The rise of the project's funds, in a conversation with Sarah Stevenson, CoinDesk, has indicated that the organization has approved Bitcoin payments for several years. However, funds were received through BitPay processing.

According to him, now the project accepts direct payment in cryptography. The funds received are then converted to Fiat for Kraken.

"We decided to accept cryptomatology because more buyers were asking for this option. The Tor project and the Crypto community value privacy, so it's sensible.", – added Stevenson.

Prior to that, ForkLog reported that the donations in nine criptas of the crypt began to be part of the UNICEF French division.

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