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The work did not like them. As a private hacking company, Apple has achieved popularity

The US company DriveSavers began hacking services to sell Apple iPhone. Expensive, but absolutely legal. It seems. How serious is this and what is the consequence of Apple's reputation?

The California DriveSavers company, specializing in digital data retrieval, said it could open the locked devices on iOS operating system. Of course, the company confirms that it is the legal owner of the device, or its successor.

Yes, this is the ability to put "white hackers" at the service of good ideas.

Apple uses the highest encryption standard, and in 2016 the company's conflicts resulted from the FBI's terrorist phone. The highest level of data protection on iPhone and iCloud cloud service is one of the key trumps of Apple. For this reason, with today's great strength, the iPhone and iPhone are the most important secrets today.

And it suddenly turns out that someone is capable of hacking that hell. Even good goals. How will the fame of Tim Cook?

What hackers do they promise?

"First-class service is provided to users who have forgotten their passwords from the devices, blocked access to the password after access to data from deceased family members," said the press conference. DriveSavers.

The company offers other services to other law enforcement officers. DriveSavers, on the other hand, is not responsible for law enforcement agencies and will not be under the police or FBI. But it's pretty common for ordinary users. Of course, it's not poor.

In a comment on The Verge, the company's speaker has written an iPhone or iPad for hacking costs of $ 3,900. Depending on the situation, services may request a death certificate, testamentary, court documents, etc.

In other words, the company says it has technology to prevent Apple's data protection, but does not intend to use it for inappropriate purposes.

DriveSavers does not disclose the details of its technology, but its "legal hacking" is successful in 100% of cases.

In response to the MacRumors edition questions, a DriveSavers representative said that the "hacking" device is safe, that is, the user who paid for the iPhone unlock company will receive the unlocked device again. In addition, account data will be copied to external media.

FBI Showdown

Protecting rumors and personal data around Apple has not been for more than two years.

In March 2016, Apple questioned the US government to access security services to users' personal data. FBI, and then other official organizations could not get Apple access to 5C Sayed Farou on iPhone, private information contained in "Bernardino shooter".

The FBI has said that iPhone's terrorism of the deceased receives photographs and correspondence, which can help retain its members of other radical terrorist cells.

The terrorist's phone was locked using a security code (prior to iPhone scanners and face recognition prior to iPhone's security standard). In fact, the FBI also did not require access to terrorist data, but Apple only required a reduction in the number of inputs. Your phone does not block 10 unsuccessful attempts.

However, Tim Cook refused FBI, the company could not provide FBI with a powerful weapon in iPhone cracking.

He did not change his attitude, although the FBI assumed the Supreme Court without mentioning the public condemnation of US President Donald Trumpen.

Independent experts took the decision of the giant IT and announced the fall of the United States under the world's leading technological and military leader. In fact, they said that democracy was waging so much that the war of democracy that won the war was being kidnapped.

Apple is always sure that the enforcement agencies are ready to comply, and the court decision transfers all the data. However, this is not always enough. In fact, due to the use of end-to-end encryption, in many cases the company does not include user data.

Eventually, the FBI was able to obtain terrorist phone data in collaboration with the Israeli computer security company. According to rumors, the FBI paid $ 1,000 million for terrorist hacking.

A few months ago, US security services and several police states were acquiring special devices for iPhone hacking – GrayKey.

In the study of the publication, Motherboard stated that the development of this device was an Apple engineer.

GreyKey is a 10×10 cm chart with two Lightning cables, and the cost depends on the duration of the work: $ 15,000 is required to request a device that requires an internet connection and 300 unlocking iPhones and $ 30,000 is a non-offline mode, Unlimited number breakups.

It is reported that GrayKey can open iPhone for two hours and a few days, if the unlock password has more than 6 characters.

According to the police, it is necessary to access call history, contacts, messages and multimedia files, since today most of the crimes are compromised by electronic devices.

Apple quickly responded to news about GreyKey and added a limited support for USB connection to iOS 11.4.1.

The feature requires an unverified connection to iPhone via the Lightning port. The external connector transfers the hourly connection and data that is blocked by the device.

You can find USB reduction mode in the latest iOS settings Settings> Face ID (Touch ID) and Passwords> USB accessories.

Approximately, Apple lets your iPhone (or iPad) not be hacked, unless you believe that agents (or rivals, lucky ones) would not have access to your device to enjoy them first.

Why is it important?

The network was a skeptic of DriveSavers expressions, because Apple was a very high level of user data protection.

However, what happens if "white hackers" get their iPhone's technical capabilities and user data?

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has often said privacy is a basic human right and companies do not have anyone access to their clients' privacy.

From the point of view, the cost of DriveSavers hacking service, much higher than the price of Apple gadgets, is very logical, as the company questions the trustworthiness of the world's most expensive brand.

Does the creation of this service affect Apple's global reputation as a trusted cell phone manufacturer? Probably, yes, some experts say.

This could be a new discussion about alternative security solutions, for example, Samsung Knox is not compromised.

Additionally, what is going to happen is what happens in the case of the next Fossil-Forces terrorist mobile phone driver DriveSavers. Or, the government of any country requires an "open" iPhone, for example, a human rights activist or opposition commander.

Doing this solution may mean that other companies (or others) may use it, whose hacking policy is not as good as DriveSavers.

Apple has not commented on the news yet. It is not yet clear, the security hole discovered by DriveSavers may be closed if it is updated iOS the next time.

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