Saturday , January 28 2023

There was a serious accident in Bukovina


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Citroen Volkswagen T5 landed in a minibus

He died in an accident that was married to Bukovina

Bukovina on the morning of November 27, an accident took place in Klivodin, Kitsmansky district. The driver of the Citroën car, a 63-year-old Zalishchyky, lost control of his car, came in the direction of the traffic, came with a Volkswagen T5 minibus.

"As a result of an accident, Citroen and his 50-year-old wife were unattached and staggered, the driver of the minibus was a citizen of more than 30 years, who did not receive significant injuries., inform the police.

Now, researchers and teams of the Kitsmansky police department of the National Police Department of Chernivtsi are working.

This was previously reported because it is heavy snow accident Odessa region. And for Ice in the Carpathian region of Snyatinsky region He pulled over buses.

Remember the ten months of 2018 There were more than 122 thousand accidents on the roads of Ukraine, 2,651 people were killed.

Earlier, he wrote the "Gaur" space, why there are more accidents on roads in Ukraine.

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