Tuesday , June 22 2021

Tim Draper: Bitcoin will lead global economic change

Tim Draper, the well-known venture capital investor, expects forecasts for Bitcoin's $ 250,000 forecast for 2022, suggests that the global economy will become a cryptoconference in the future and bitcoins will all be the same. This statement was written by Draper's World Crypt Conen in Las Vegas, writes The Forbes.

As Draper says, they are called "political" today, that is, the currency of the state is about $ 86 million, and the capitalization of the entire market is $ 150 million ($ 125 million). This relationship, he thinks, will change inevitably, especially because cryptocurrency is faster and cheaper.

"With the help of cryptography, we can easily pay or invest, we can do anything, they work smoothly and they cost you less, because they are cheaper, people make better ones, and cryptoconferencing people will leave the political currencies called Fiat." Said Draper.

According to him, it will be a great mistake to try to retain traditional traditional currencies, which is why small countries are more widely used for cryptocenter, ICO and block technology. And that's also the USA, he stressed.

He also says that he will not spend much time over cryptoconference and fiat's currency between 50 and 50, and he can spend extra money or invest more with the dollar.

"I think I'm transferring to Bitcoin to my dollars, why do I need a currency that is tied to a certain political force, if it's a simple and global currency? I prefer more than a political currency."

He also wanted to create a venture capital fund exclusively for Bitcoins.

"I plan to raise funds from Bitcoins to invest in Bitcoins companies and see how they will pay Bitcoins employees and suppliers. I do not want to have an Accounting Board, so everything happens automatically, so it was built on smart contracts, when they are available for sale, buttons Click on one and click on the bitcoin wallet to send it. "– added Tim Draper.

In October, Tim Draper reaffirmed forecast forecasts for Bitcoin's $ 250,000 USD $ 250,000 projection and, in addition to regulating the industry, it is enough to write a one-page bill that only registers and launches ICO projects.

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