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Title Reason for the transfer of Prince Harry and Megan Markle / New Time


The Duke Suskex and the Duchess were chosen as the Frogmore House, built in 1684 as a residence.

According to Dail Mail, they are given the most terrible reasons, they left the brothers.

Both brothers and divorced speak about divorced American women, two daughters, who did not agree with their characters, the other, the other. George VI and Edward VIII recall the story they misunderstood, because the throne was abdicated, because he was in love with American Wallis Simpson.

But Prince Harry leaves the Kensongton mansion, in his brother William's home, to begin independent family life, at Frogmore House, the royal family headquarters, 1 km from Vidzor Castle.

Images on life

According to several sources at the palace, Harry initiated a wedding at Megan, Prince William, who had decided to split up Prince William, because views on life are dramatically different.

His paths are even more differentiated when Prince William of Wales receives the title.

The relationship between Megan Markle and the brothers of the ancient actors. The emails from Dailu Mail corresponded to Megan describing him as "cheeky person," and Harry tells Megan about what Megan receives ".

Megan and Kate relationships

And there is no doubt that the Duke Sussex has not established a close friendship with her brother's wife.

Megan and Kate are very different people, although sources say they did not have a clash between them.

What motivates Harry?

But it would be wrong to move all Megan's move. Prince Harry's 34-year-old man is not moving, but he is an adult man with a strong character like his new wife.

"The character of the dictator", one of Harry's publications, and the prince talked with sincere love. He also said that Harry is very attached to his nephews and loves his brother, but he wants to leave.

He decided not to isolate himself from his wife, but the future baby was not living in a goldfish aquarium. He thinks that a person in the sixth place in the future is on the throne. However, journalists make the decision of the prince surprising, their grandmother, queen Elizabeth, in Frogmore House, in the territory of Windsor Castle.

Real life

In fact, Harry does not want his family to live on the back, the family of his eldest brother, and the throne will be in the second place for the royal throne.

William's house costs 4.5 million pounds. The palace is open throughout the year for public access. Prince George and Princess Charlotte are constantly taking pictures of paparazzi when they go to school. Walking through any Kensington garden attracts not only paparazzi but also ordinary researchers. And despite the attempt by the royal family to hide their eyes, after planting many trees, they grow very slowly.
Frogmore House, located within the Windsor Palace, can be spent for the public a few days, so this place is safe, relaxed, quiet and private. The only thing that a couple should accept is to go 25 miles to London to fulfill their obligations.

How are things really?

The sources also say they did not discuss the brothers or their wives. In fact, they only had Prince William and Prince Harry grown up, and they did not want to be anymore, as they were still not boys, brothers do not spill water.

They are still very close, brothers and sisters are closer than most, but today Harry is getting married and becoming a father, so it's time to plan his future. There is no hostility between them.

Other sources believe that the "tastes" of the Duke's Sussex will not match the tastes of the Duchess of Cambridge. Another very reliable source has said that Megan does not recognize real life or imposed restrictions. At 37, she is a female actress, she has her interests and circle of friends. It is very independent and self-sufficient. Megan needs time to understand hierarchical order and political life in the palace.

It is very trustworthy, and Harry recently adopted a dictatorial communication mode.

Despite the fact that William and Harry's homes are in a certain tension, Kate is very calm and quiet, so she can not leave the house.

The reason is that Harry and Megan are not enough space in the Kensington Palace, and the couple Winsor Castle moved before the wedding. The works have already begun, five apartments have been distributed five (and not ten, previously reported, rooms), Megan and Harry's bedrooms, two dogs and their unborn children. There will also be a room for Megan mother-Doria Regland at home. When Duke and Duchess want to live, they will have a room for nannies and police. Subsidies for subsidies to be paid – to keep the queen of the money assigned by the government.

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