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Travesty diva Monroe was 16 years old


Sweet 16: Travesty Diva Monroe archive photos are impressed

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The actor showed them fans of their hobby

The Ukrainian travesty diva Monroe, before making an autumn photo session, shared a strange amateur archive photo. Starre posted a photo on his Facebook page, just 16 years old.

Then Alexander Shevchenko was still a young man.

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"Wow, it turns out I started pluck my eyebrows 16", Monroe wrote.

The artist stated that this photo was made on a student card.

The subscribers admired the image, especially the curls and the big eyes.

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Earlier, the amazing Ukrainian travesty diva Monroe fans why he did not broadcast television programs and talked about all media.

On the other hand, many media do not welcome "new faces" because it is very dangerous: "Nobody loses scores, respectively, money and space, so we are seeing in the media of television the need for complexity."

Please be aware that Travesty-diva Monroe was advised to go to orphan's orphan's. The actress explained why she does not want children and why she shared her relationship with parents and children.

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