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Tsybulko political analysts called a "Ukrainian format" in the air called a "Batkivshchyna" mestizo – video

February 27, 2019

Vladimir Tsybulko's NEWSONE TV channel studio. screenshot

"Batkivshchyna" Ivan Krulko, "Opposition Platform" Nestor Shufrych and Vladimir Tsybulko, political scientist, were released in the "NEW YEAR" series "Ukrainian format" talk show.

Krulk has said that the decision of the Constitutional Court was "carried out by Poroshenko," that all cases against suspected officials will be closed. Tsybulko said the president-appointed judges did not vote against this decision.

"All cases of corruption induced were closed and corruption was overcome – this article (unlawful enrichment -. Ed.) Was thrown out of the Civil Code, and Colorado potato kills the beetle for everyone, because it works," the deputy was abolished.

Tsybulko told him that "the parents of the boys" would not be the way for people to live.

Nestor Shufrich was a colleague, saying he was warning "to respond to mischief".

"To respond to Colorado, I do not listen," said political analysts.

Shufrich has said he is damned by Tsybul's "marauders cover".

As NEWSONE reported, Krulko called the "Colorado Potato Beetle" called Tsybulko. – "In Ukrainian format" in the air.

  • Remember, in the media, the LCP approved an article about illegal wealth that is constitutional.
  • A full list of people's deputies was published in 2017 to abolish this article.
  • As a result of this decision, the illegal wealth of senior NABU investigators will be closed in at least 50 cases and will be closed in all cases heard in the courts.
  • However, according to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko, it has not yet been a decision to investigate the illicit wealth of civil servants.
  • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko wants to introduce the Verkhovna Rada to another illegally enriching criminal law.
  • The Constitutional Court passed a decision, and the Criminal Code declared article 368-2 of the unconstitutional anti-illegal wealth, detained 59 people.

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