Saturday , February 4 2023

Ukrainians do not publish information on the movement of military equipment


Ukrainian news: In Ukraine's Chief of Staff, Ukrainians are not required to disclose information about the location of military equipment.

The U.S. Armed Forces General Staff has appealed for a request for citizens to request the deployment of military equipment and the location of photographs and videos on the movement, as well as the deployment of troops.

"The Central Office of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (…) Citizens of Ukraine may request appeals for photographic and video shootings, online broadcasting and non-social media information: military equipment, weapons, property and personnel location, military equipment pillar movement and, in any case, personnel moving, "- A message on the social network was posted on Facebook on Wednesday at the Ukrainian Central Armed Forces Staff.

In addition, the residence hall asked that the military facilities of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the United States not be sensitive, but to leave their territory without unauthorized permission.

Martial Law entered into force in Ukraine – published decree

Also, Ukrainians are not asking for information dissemination, military administration tasks, troops training troops, operational training, use, preparation and conduct of the troops, as well as the number of troops (forces), number and dissemination.

"We remind you that around the exercise, military units, objects and polygons, all of the unmanned aerial vehicles will be dropped. Those who start or manage UAV will be arrested and prosecuted," explained the General Staff.

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