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Ukroboronprom corruption: Two factory directors have been suspended

In the industrial defense industry: two factory managers have been suspended


Ukroboronprom Bukin head is also investigating journalists in the defense industry

The positions lost the head of Kharkov engineering design temporarily. A. Morozova and Izium instrumental instrument director.

Due to the scandal of corruption of complex defense, Sharma Firm is known as the State Machine-Building Enterprise Kharkov Design Bureau. A. Morozova Alexey Babich and director Izyumsky instrument factory factory factory Sergey Filonenko. On Wednesday, February 27, reports Tsenzor. NOT, Pavel Bukin, CEO of Ukroboronprom, who is also involved in journalist research.

"Due to the publicity caused by the promulgation of the Nashi Groshi program's information, and to enforce the law to ensure the best conditions of the major investigations of the agency, Kharkov A.A. Enterprise has dismissed the Director of Filonenko S.V.", – said Bukin.

According to prison investigations, the participatory schemes for the defense complex complex are Oleg Gladkovsky's Deputy Secretary of Security and Defense, Igor's son, a friend, and Ukroboronprom Pavel Bukin. The scheme also seems to have several defensive structures.

According to the investigation, Ukroboronprom accused the manipulation journalists, and Gladkovsky appointed the first deputy secretary of NSDC to demand powers.

NABU launched a study on journalists' information.

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