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UOC-MP transition to PTSU – Vinnitsa and Chernivtsi UOC-MP protest actions – there is a video

Video: YouTube / TSN

In the Vinnitsa district, the Orthodox Russian Orthodox Church (first UOC-MP) priest organized the priest a "piolet stand". The cause of action was unknown to Metropolitan Vinnitsa and Metropolitan Barsky Simeon, a judge at the Vinnytsian diocese. This is the TSN slogan.

Remember that the priest created a new PCU in mid-December. With him – and the Paraffin Transfiguration of the Savior Cathedral.

In response, Simeon kept the position of the Russian Orthodox Church synods at the head of the diocese. At the same time, Patriarch Ecumenist Bartolomee released the priest from UOC-MP.

In order to avoid the choice of the Court of the Russian Church, Simeon presented a court judgment.

But in Chernivtsy, their colleagues brought the challenge of the believers. Under the construction of the District Administration of the District, together with the herd, they asked to cancel the transition of the temples.

Under the building, all members of the MP region met. Some traveled for their transportation, but most of them prepared coaches, arranged in an organized manner.

To alleviate people: in Vinnytsia and Chernivtsia, UOC priests participated in the piotras (video)


Zasavavna, the faithful of the construction of the courts of the construction of the administration, opened the posters under the walls, and prayed for prayer and request that the slave diocesan MPs do not.

Negotiations with local authorities, according to the challenge, the priests are unfortunate.

At the same time, the actions of the supporters of the Moscow Patriarchate do not help the local population.

"What's going on here will not do anything. Instead, the opposition will increase and I think the priests are guilty," a neighbor shared his opinion.

"All the priests came and the people started against each other, and that's not the point," the woman is in force. As a response, the UOC MP believed that "you are dissenters!"

As officials have said, the decision to take the temple to the only Local Tokio Church is the community, and it can not be abandoned.

As previously reported, in the near future, the legal registry of the CCA will be carried out, especially if the governing body is registered – Kiev Metropolia.

Recall, on January 17, Verkhovna Rada approved a law governing the transition of religious communities from one church to another. In the general meeting, in the opinion of the church, for the transition, there must be at least two quorums of at least two community statutes.

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