Sunday , June 13 2021

We built a bridge that moves everything – Bakhmatyuk Chinese market for Ukraine Economics

Oleg Bakhmatyuk, owner of one of the largest agricultural holdings “Ukrlandfarming”, said how he had to live in China for 244 days to replace Ukraine there and open up the Chinese market for Ukrainian products.

The employer spoke about this in an interview with Dmitry Spiva, a 112-year-old TV presenter. According to him, on his way back from the Chinese mainland, he was told at the Shanghai customs post that he had been in China continuously for 244 days, Ukrainian News reported.

The businessman added that the political and business circles of the PRC did not even know where Ukraine was before. A year later, at the Communist Party congress, the country’s leadership had already announced that Ukraine was a strategic partner in the PRC.

“When we came in 2011 with a representative of Deutsche Bank and met with a representative of the CIC (this is China’s largest sovereign wealth fund, it manages hundreds of billions of dollars, one of which makes decisions about China’s economic development), I made a presentation about Ukrlandfarming and Listen, interested, and finally asked the question: Where is Ukraine? Is it somewhere behind Russia and Poland? A year later, at the Chinese Communist Party Congress in December 2012, the Chinese Prime Minister and Minister of Economy said in a speech that Ukraine is a strategic partner. “says Bakhmatyuk.

The employer explained that it was not just his merit.

“We spent that time meeting Chinese companies. According to our company, we received permission to supply Ukrainian corn to China. We brought about a hundred Chinese journalists to Ukraine on our behalf. We made a presentation of Ukraine in China. we have it, and it’s moving on to that now, and we’re happy that we’ve been successful, ”he added.

“Ukrlendfarming” one of the largest agricultural holdings in the country in terms of the size of land banks. The companies in the business group work in 600 settlements in 22 regions of Ukraine. The company team is working on producing grains and oilseeds, seeds, livestock and eggs and egg products (Avangardco IPL). The owner of Ukrlandfarming is Ukrainian businessman Oleg Bakhmatyuk.

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