Monday , July 4 2022

We must take the final step – football


Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola said he had not played any part of the team against Lyon.

"Bernardo Silva will be back online, and when it was difficult for training in Gabriel Jesus, he is not ready to go to the field," said Guardiola.

"Obviously, I would like to be available to the whole group, but now it's the situation: we will work with the players that are ready for the fight and will try to do it well. Absences continue to recover the game's shape."

"Tomorrow we will have a great chance for the playoffs. We missed one match, but we recovered the results, responding correctly. However, we must take the final step to win another game."

Phil Foden, as well as Alexander Zinchenko of Ukraine, "citizens" came to Lyon, who talked about the coaches and teammates' trust.

A journalist has asked if a young midfielder is ready for a major league match, Guardiola replied: "Of course, he was amazed by his training and training games."

"Phil gains experience and becomes more powerful: he is ready to play in the main team. It's different in Foden in all the games, so it's with us."

The fifth round of the league champions will play the stage between Barcelona and Barcelona on Tuesday, November 27. The meeting will begin at 22:00 in the Kiev season.

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