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Why cryptocurrencies are falling – NYT / News / 5 reasons

The New York Times has selected 5 events and trends to trigger sharp depreciation of the major cryptoconferences.

Lack of regulation of infrastructures and exchangers

Most cryptoconferencing trade occurs externally United States Unless regulated control. This gives more freedom to investors, but it creates risks.

Regulatory pressure

When the authorities controlled the Crypto market, the situation did not develop properly.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) The companies that violated the balance management rules began to write fines ICO – Token primary note. In November SEC Twenty-five million dollars were sold to 250,000 dollars, and they recognized the tokens as securities.

Cryptoconferencing is managed by developers. That's not always good

The NYT Pay attention to some hard-boards – the main distribution blocks of cryptoconferencing. So Bitcoin's first, due to community disagreements, Bitcoin Cash went separately last year.

Fast hard forkets question one of the key features of cryptoconition – limits.

Cryptozurren people had to solve real problems. It did not happen

Bitcoins would facilitate immediate post transfers. Ethereum could connect millions of computers all over the world. So hundreds of other places came up with good intentions. However, technical restrictions have slowed the daily use of cryptoconferencing and reduce the limits very slowly.

Governments can do cryptocurrency and deal with their regulation

Managing Director NDF In November, Christine Lagarde read a lecture on why central banks should look at their electronic money. They are able to facilitate payment systems.

At the same time, the public administration will reduce the level of money distrust. These expressions may be of great interest in non-existent places.

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