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World of Warcraft player compares new and classic versions of Kel’Thuzad of Naxxramas


Two days ago Classic WoW The Naxxramas raid has opened, and the most successful groups have already completed it. The first was the guild Progress It took Firemaw almost three and a half hours from the European server to complete the cleanup.
Turned on Reddit there was a message from the original version player World of WarcraftHe took part in the passage of Naxxramas within the brotherhood Easy Company From the Tichondrius server in 2006. And the old record shows in a compelling way how the game has changed over the years, even in its “vanilla” version.

Easy Company completed the raid on November 20, 2006 and finished 70th in the raid race. At the same time, Anub’Rekan, the first chief, killed himself five months earlier, on June 21st. The fight with Kel’Thuzad lasted 12 minutes and 30 seconds, while today they kill in three minutes.

In the original World of Warcraft, there were no fans of the world like the Dark World buff. Onyxia buff was the first to receive the guild, and it was also stated in the video. And, as you can easily see, the whole raid reached the place on foot: there was no stone to call.

DRM and other add-ons couldn’t help with the timers, so each player had to follow what was happening. And they drew raid plans in chat using ASCII characters. But we have already discussed the possibility of using it Ventrillo.

The Kildars used 16 healers to kill Kel’Thuzad: 8 priests of light, 4 paladins, and 4 druids specializing in “Healing.” Modern guilds use only one druid, relying more on shamans and priests.

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