Tuesday , March 21 2023

2019 New Porsche 911: revealing eighth-generation sports car


In the rear wheel drive, Carrera S and four-wheel drive is available for more than 30 horsepower in the Carrera 4S engine for 444 horsepower. In addition to the new gearbox with the newly-formed gearbox, the speed of 0-62 mph is achieved, that is, 0.4 sec. The faster, the new 911 shot models, 3.7 sec. Career S and 3.6 sec. Race for 4S.

These times are shortened by a further 0.2 seconds with the Sport Chrono Package option. This includes startup control, faster gear gearbox and response function to improve functional responses. As a result, the new 911 Carrera 4S is 0-62 mph, with 96 Carrera 4 GTS old, 0.6 seconds, 3.4 seconds.

Despite the aerodynamic improvement claim, high speeds have changed very little from the seventh generation to 191mph in Carrera S and the heavy Carrera 4S in 190mph. On the NEDC cycle, fuel consumption is also combined with the old 911, 31.7mpg Carrera S and 31.4mpg Carrera 4S.

Named under the internal code 992, the new 911 has been redone again. It has a new platform structure with a higher aluminum aluminum backrest, improving weight distribution. It also includes a newly-built chassis, with the guidance of wheels under the Carrera and Carrera S models for the first time, Porsche claims 911 agility and improved high-speed stability.

Well, the origin of the new 911 has since its evolution since 1963 has evolved since its evolution. The 2019 model, the image of the production that is represented for the first time, has been designed under the second orientation. Porsche Design Director, Michael Mauer, Designed for design at the Volkswagen Group.

In general, the initial coupé model looks more muscular, with a glossy surface and extended backs. At the start of the tradition, Porsche offers two body structures in different widths. Instead, a new 911 will appear with a standard body with a bit wider than the 911 body wings.

The front is the most prominent part of a new bumper, the leading edge and the trio of larger cooling pipes. These are mounted externally and horizontally are three horizontal, each one of the front mounted radiators to improve the air. On exterior cooling channels, Porsche has provided new light LED slimline steering units, as exemplified by old models, dubbed units as indicators.

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