Sunday , September 26 2021

A Chinese scientist has spawned gene-edited using CRISPR technology

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/ Source: Associated Press

by Marilynn Marchione, Associated Press

HONG KONG – A Chinese researcher helped the world's first genetically modified babies, the twin births of these months, whose DNA changed the powerful new tool that could revive their new life.

If true, science and ethics would be a profound leap.

A United States scientist participated in China, but this gene edition is forbidden in the United States, because DNA changes can be passed on to future generations and can damage other genes.

Scientists believe that there is no excessive attempts and they report a Chinese report as a human experimentation.

The embryo receives a small dosage of Cas9 protein and PCSK9 sgRNA in a sperm injection mosaic in the provincial laboratory of the southern province of Shenzhen in Shenzhen, on October 9, 2018.Mark Schiefelbein / AP

The researcher at He Jiankui, Shenzhen, said the broadcasts had been seven pairs of fertility treatments, due to pregnancy. He said that his goal was not to cure or prevent hereditary illness, but rather to have little capacity for them to be able to cope with potential future HIV infections against HIV, AIDS.

He told them that their parents identified or interviewed, and did not know where they lived or where they did.

He has no assertions of his own affirmation, nor has he been published in a journal, as will be analyzed by other experts. On Monday, he revealed in Hong Kong, one of the organizers of the international conference on genes edition on Tuesday, and earlier with the exclusive Associated Press interviews.

"I feel a strong responsibility, it's not a first step, but an example," said the AP. "Society will decide on the next" that this science is forbidden or prohibited.

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