Monday , June 14 2021

A giant male panda from the United Kingdom removes the Yang Guang tumors after being found

The UK's only giant panda mum is "well recovered" after finding two tumor removal tumors in the surgery.

Yang Guang, also known as the Sun, from 2011 to Edinburgh Zoo, operated on November 17 when British Panda and Chinese experts were diagnosed.

The zoo said that recently developed tumors, and there were no pangs of Yang Guangen and Tian Tian (Sweetie) women producing a cube.

The tumors of these giant pandas are not common, the zoo said.

Yang Guang
The Yang Guang operation began on November 17

White penalties, borrowed from China, spend a decade in Edinburgh.

Natural breeding was in 2012 artificial insemination Since 2013, it has been trying every year.

Tian Tian has tails in China, but not in the UK.

The zoo said that "future breeding options" would be discussed with its Chinese counterparts.

"Yes, we're delighted that Yang Guang is doing well," said Darren McGarry, head of the collection of zoo animators.

"Testicular tumors have been reported to be giant pandas earlier.

"We developed tumors roughly developed, so Yang Guang and Tian Tian did not have a cube.

"We will discuss next steps, including future growth opportunities, with our partners in the coming weeks."

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