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After three months, the Dead Game has gone through technical problems


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Aidan's players and survivors of the game's appearance

Overkill's The Walking Dead has been revoked even though it is available for more than three months.

Skybound Entertainment, the owner of the Walking Dead franchise, said it has broken its contract with Starbreeze Studios video game developers.

In an official request, Skybound said: "The Walking Dead did not meet our standards, nor the quality it promised."

The game was initially released in November 2018.

Technical problems and simple games brought mixed mixers of critics and players.

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Grant was one of the last playgrounds to be revealed

First-person shooters were developed since 2014.

There, Aidan, Heather, Maya and Grant formed the team that had the chance to perform four-player cooperative action.

The team has a common goal, build a maintenance campaign, protect and survive materials.

To do this, they had to fight against the dead and life, but in the game there were many practical problems.

Skybound said "working best" with developers and solving problems in the game.

"We still continue to offer our fans the best quality content quality and continue searching for alternative video game options."

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Skybound Entertainment

Earlier this month, Skybound partner 505 Games disapproved of the cancellation of the game, when Gamers promised the return of The Walking Dead.

Skybound Entertainment now has legal action against Starbreeze Studios game developers.

As a result, the game's PC gaming platform Steam's new purchases are expected in the near future.

Starbreeze, however, is talking to give players that have already paid extra content.

Mikael Nermark, according to the CEO of Starbreeze, said: "We are sorry that this may cause a game that anyone can experience.

"We are working hard to solve the problem".

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