Thursday , June 24 2021

Airplanes and trains were suspended after London's fog and explosion

The hundreds of flights that London airports serve are due to the foggy clouds that have been suspended or delayed.

At noon, on Wednesday, he relinquished 62 flights in London Heathrow and 380 more had a delay of 15 minutes.
This means that more than three flights have been suspended.

British Airways has seen only 45 floods and 237 delays in the West London hub, which is the United Kingdom's airport.

London City sent 62 withdrawals and 46 delays, and Gatwick had no cancellation, but 173 had no delay. Flight data was published by FlightStats company.

Fog reduces the rider and air traffic controller visibly, as the safe distance between the aircraft increases. This cuts the normal pattern of breaks and landings.

It also causes delays in the trains that serve Gatwick. Read the statement about the National Railway Queries website:

South and Thameslink report reports for drivers, and due to heavy clouds, due to heavy clouds, the speed must be reduced.
When it is flat, the drivers can not see the signals to see the remote speed and to operate safely, they must drive speeds, to see signals.

– National rail consultations

Great West Railway Trains to the West End Ealing Railway 7 at Heathrow.

One of the lines was blocked, thanks to London Paddington links and delays.

The line was opened 60 minutes later, but interruptions were expected to last until the service was restored at 6pm.

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