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Black Holes' Cosmic Robbery & # 39; Their commitment is to kill death rays

The black holes are very sharp and tend to give birth to unfortunate things.

However, the beams of death that generate charged particles that emit space at the speed of light & # 39; they also send them.

Now, scientists believe that these jets are like a "rude cosmic" caused by the rotation of the hole.

Alexander Philippov, a researcher at the Flatiron Institute of Computational Astrophysics in New York, is still looking at the processes that can crave the black holes. done it

An artist's "disolution drive" with gas, dust and other materials & # 39; The impression of black holes surrounded by one (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

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& # 39; No one's been pushing these simulations could be tough on the curve of space time, "he said.

His work is about a rigid black hole, and then distorts "space-and-weather" fabric and & # 39; for its mass giant.

Simulation magnetic fields become holes in the field, "circulate and spring outward, reaching particles' space at light velocity.

Certainly, a living organism would prevent a ray of black holes from surviving.

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"Nature Starr's rays are very typical – the strongest jets of energy from the black holes like Star Wars super-weapon rays, & # 39; The Southampton University explained in 2017.

& # 39; How these jets are generated with the puzzle yet. A theory suggests the & # 39; accretion record & # 39; They develop inside – the material that penetrates into the orbit of the black hole. The extremity of the disk gravitational flows and extends magnetic fields, because they are opposed to magnetic columns that are found in the plasma shaft of black plasma, until the heat and magnetized plasma is squeezed.

It travels through Plasma Jetty circuits and gains tremendous speed over wide spaces. At some point, plasma glow begins to brighten, but scientists have argued how and where it happens.

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