Monday , June 21 2021

Breite's "condemned," says Theresa May's former ally cabinet

Theresa May's "condemned" and "worst of all worlds" is Brexit, as former PM Michael Fallon said the Prime Minister's day could end at the end.

Commenting on Sir Michael's compliments by Mr May's woes by claims by President Donald Trump, Brexit's agreement was "a good business EU" because it was not possible to reach an agreement with British trade.

British currency crashed in London's early trading on Tuesday, with investors investing in anxious country Break definitive deadline and after all parliamentarians of all parties, Monday bailed against the outsourced agreement, EU27 agreed on Sunday.

Free was down 0.56 percent of the dollar against $ 1,2761, which was released in recent weeks. The currency also fell against the euro, down 0.3% and 1,127 euros.

May May win all the MPs of the party in favor of its agreement, but the rigidity of the opposition is revealed; Sir Michael will return the negotiators to Brussels for a better deal.

After defeating the key vote on the 11th of December of the petition, the former defense secretary said the BBC today program: "That's my colleagues."

He added: "This decision will have to be voted on on December 11th."

Sir Michael admitted retirement in the 2016 referendum, but at the end of May, he was loyal, as he was resigned as a lawyer in the face of allegations of sexual harassment. He voted against his agreement.

Mrs. May will lead Wales and Northern Ireland on Tuesday to win business and public support. Through the Brexit plan, there is still a lot of detail about the UK's future relationship with the EU.

David Lidington, de facto Deputy May Deputy, warned MPs to reflect on the desire to exclude the agreement. "All domestic parties and parliamentarians of my party should think carefully about what businesses and their constituents say," he said.

The EU made clear that the B Plan was not a decent commitment that could lead to "the second phase of negotiation."

On Monday, Mr Trump believes that the breach agreement could make it difficult for the UK to reach a commercial agreement. "There are many sounds to the EU," said Trump.

"Today, as an agreement, we might not be trading with the USA, and I do not think they want it. That would be a negative deal," he said.

Mr. Lidington underlined that the United Kingdom could negotiate a negotiation during the transitional period, although it was not possible to enter into force. "It was always the challenge to make an agreement with the United States," he said.

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