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Brexit face: Analysis of the economic impact of the financial situation of the Treasury


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The Government wants to publish the economic analysis of Brexit's UK-based long-term effects.

Treasuries will be set by the Treasury – as the Daily Telegraph forecasts £ 15bn of £ 15bn, while the Theresa May plan is £ 40,000.

Meanwhile, he will visit PM Scotland and argue that he is "strong" in UK fishing in his Breitex talks.

SNP says that it will be "traders" of the industry.

Access to EU vessels to UK vessels will be used as a "negotiation chip" to ensure a good post-Brexit trade agreement.

However, May May, the EU agreed to continue with the Brexit withdrawal agreement, it guarantees the United Kingdom's "sovereign control over clean water" and is the best way of protecting the economy.

According to Daily Telegraph, Treasury Analysis In terms of the sub-prime, the United Kingdom GDP will be reduced from 1% to 2% in more than 15 years, even if the EU has fallen, with a fall of 7.5%. situation

The EU exit department said it did not run away.

The Telegraph also mentions former Brexit Secretary Dominique Raab's Treasury's analysis that "seems to match the Scary Project."

In other progress, the Commons Public Account Commission published a report in the UK ports, "Unexplained", a real prospect of "big falls".

The Congress of Deputies is due to vote on the May breach agreement on May 11th.

Looking back, the prime ministers go to places in the UK directly to build a partnership agreement with the public and companies.

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Multimedia noticeFoster: This is not the right for Northern Ireland business

The United Kingdom's "essential interests" were backed by Irish and Northern Irish visitors on Tuesday, and the DUP leaders denied Arlene Foster's claims that the "negotiations before the Breed Agreement had ended" had ended.

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At Glasgow's visit, May Factors Factory Manufacturers will discuss how their business faces "a major economy with no unprecedented economic economy" and employers and employees have certainty.

"We will be free to strike our trade around the world, offering more opportunities for Scottish exporters," he said.

He also said that moving away from the common European Fisheries Policy (CFP), "which has so tragically failed the Scottish coast community's" freedom of the United Kingdom "will allow our decisions to alleviate fish in our waters."

Almost 1,000 million fish are produced in the United Kingdom every year from the European Union, and some EU countries point out that trade in fishing commerce continues to penetrate the EU fishing vessels into the United Kingdom waters.

Scotland Conservative Ross Thomson has already stated that tackling the draft would lead to "continuing the CFP's way".

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Multimedia noticeNicola Sturgeon said that the Scottish government did not accept any agreement that left the country poorer

And Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has examined the SNP claims that Escocia will support.

His party, 35 MPs, Labor Leadership, Lib Dems and Democratic Union, say they will reject Mr Mayen's agreement.

Many Tories have also said they are publicly opposed to Mr Mayen's dealings.

Legal note row

Meanwhile, the Labor Party has been working on the row, but the government has been asked to publish Brexit's full legal savings this week.

The government has said that it is "publishing a fair position" in the political and legal position of the withdrawal agreement.

BBC newsnight editor of politics, Nick Watt, said a source suggests that the entire "warning warning", to decline in the United States, is not in any way United Kingdom.

Backstop – The creation of a customs territory of one customs territory to prevent the return of customs messages to the Irish border, the UK trade agreement in the EU will not come into force, it is arguable that Brexiter would fear the United Kingdom being bound to the European Union indefinitely.

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