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Brexit: It can get behind the UK UK, Jeremy Hunt admits – Direct policy | Policy

Brexit may be postponed, he has accepted a senior government. This is not a surprising observation in itself – Brussels has been a bit of a work-time hypothesis – but it is not said by any senior government. In response to a question about hope in article 50 of Theresa May, she says she will leave the United Kingdom on March 29, or at her happiest time she says that this is not a possibility. But this morning in the program Today Jeremy Hunt, The foreign secretary was much more correct. It was about time that "Brexyg had to delay" he did not question. He replied instead:

I think how long this process has.

It's true that when we decided to make an agreement before March 29, we might need more time to overcome critical legislation. But if we are able to move forward, it may not be necessary.

We can not know at this stage exactly what scenario would happen.

I'll post more from the interview soon.

Here is the agenda.

9.30am: The year-round figures of sleep are published.

10.10m: Geoffrey Cox, the general attorney, questions questions.

10.15am: Jeremy Corbyne has organized a meeting in Ilkeston on bus services.

From 10.30 hours: Commons-logo.svg Other Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Andrea Leadsom Edit links

11.30am: Jeremy Wright, a cultural secretary, talks about the doteveryon speech.

2.30pm: The MSP has begun discussing Scotland's budget quote. According to the BBC report, there is a risk of voting.

As usual, I will break political news as well as the best reaction, comment and analysis on the web, but above all in Brexit. I want to post a summary at midday and after another one, about 5pm.

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