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Brexit: McDonnell allows Lanari to win a vote for the second referendum – Politics live | Policy

After their Breiter change, they defeated the Commons last night, Labor has now officially supported a second referendum. This does not mean that Jeremy Corbyn was passionate about the writer, there are still many who suspect that his office will maneuver if he becomes a probability of pushing anyone's vote (at least not as a huge divide). ), and there is no evidence, even with the Parliament of the Parliament, but the majority in the referendum legislation.

However, David Cameron (we think, Donald Tusk) and Nick Clegg (see here) are two available Corbyn tips that can happen if there is a referendum that never happens to happen.

And last night John McDonnell, The Shadow Chancellor said he had an opportunity to vote in the Second Referendum shortly afterwards. In recent weeks, McDonnell has become much more positive about the second referendum than Corby, and has told ITV's Peston software.

When a significant vote is returned and maybe it will be March 12, here's what we need to put [second referendum] change Let me continue to argue that we still want a general election, we still believe that we place our agreement on the best option, but we realize that this is to be blocked. We have said that we will keep all the options on the table, we want a general election.

Things are changing. We could win a chance, and I'll tell you why. Because people are concerned about their neighbors, they are worried about jobs, they are worried about the economy. And I think that we have more and more attention, the more an option is through a forecast, a job that is supported by the economy or through which an agreement is reached, it will be a condition that people will go back.

McDonnell also said he had left his Hayes and Harlington district even though he would vote for a second referendum if he was to become a referendum in camps. He said:

Yes, I would [vote remain] I made the last time. I think it's the right thing. At the same time, I will tell you, we must respect the opinions of people about it. My court has rejected it, and I will return all the time and people will appear in my district, which is why I have come to this conclusion. I hardly force myself. We have overcome each path, we have not given any prospects for an acceptable parliament at the time when they would protect their work and life; Therefore, they will force us into this situation, where we are not another route. see other than this.

Vote last night Jeremy Corbyn He also released it a statement said the party "would throw a public vote back to prevent bad Tory Brexit or bad results." But the release appeared, adding:

In addition, we will promote other useful options to avoid these results, as well as in our credible alternative plan or in a closed economic relationship based on the general election.

Here is the agenda.

9.30am: Stephen Barclay, secretary Brexit, questions questions.

10am: Sir Mark Sedwill, according to the secretary of the cabinet, testifies to the Public Administration of the Commons.

10.40am: Tom Watson, Deputy Minister of Labor and shadow cultural secretary, talks about the game.

4.30pm: Theresa May talks to Jordan at the end: Growth and Opportunity Conference, after talking to King Jordan's Abdullah in Jordan, before Downing Street.

As usual, I will break political news as well as showcase the best reaction, commentary and analysis on the web, but especially in Brexit's plan. I want to post a summary at midday and after another one, about 5pm.

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