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Brexit News: EU joins lead to second referendum, says Jo Johnson in Peston UK | News

Mr Johnson, the younger brother of Brexiteer Boris Johnson, made dramatic comments on ITV's Peston policy show. The Parliament will approve the Government's Brexit agreement on 11 December. Voting will be done during a five-day discussion and discussion.

Asked how to make a second referendum opposition to the opposition Theresa May, Mr Johnson replied: "It was very possible that he could change himself if he asked whether he would be a recruitment candidate in 2017.

"Government policy is a government policy, until it's not.

"In my opinion, when the agreement comes down to the Parliament, we will leave the mess".

May's Brexit Agreement will win Parliament's approval, with the Labor Party, SNP, DUP and several conservative councilors, to abandon its passage.

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The two Cabinet ministers, including Breit Secretary, Dominic Raab, protested that the protest did not recognize the outcome of the referendum in the last month.

Mr Johnson, just before a few days before his cabinet colleagues, said that the Parliament was requesting a second referendum on Brexit's agreement.

He said: "The Prime Minister will fight for his own initiative through the Parliament.

"In that situation we will go out of that mess, there is no plan B.

A UK-based British study released yesterday that UK GDP could reduce eight percent eight percent compared to the 2008 financial crisis.

Likewise, unemployment represented a 7.5% rise and prices fell by 30%.

However, Andrew Sentence, a former member of the Bank's monetary policy committee, described the prediction described as "forecast" and proposed "to go politically unnecessarily to politics."

Mr Johnson was clear, there's time to negotiate fresh Brexit to negotiate to face the vote of the Parliament.

He said: "This is Brexit negotiated. There is no other table.

"There is no available line of time to open the negotiation again, this is not achieved".

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