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Carl Sargeant: The Inquest may be "a lie" Coroner

Carl Sargeant

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Carl Sargeant was found to have investigated a deceased after launching his behavior

One witness at Carl Sargeant could tell the court, the hearing was told.

Mr Sargeant, 49, found himself hanging out with his wife Bernadette on November 7 at her home in Connah in Quay, Flintshire.

The head of the Flintshire Town Hall, Bernie Attridge, said "he believed that the dog had killed my friend."

But Cathy McGahey, Advisor Carwyn Jones, said Mr Attridge had "had a positive attitude and Mr Sargeant had confused".

Mr Sargeant was four months after he was appointed to the Prime Minister's community minister.

Courtesy John Gittins warns of submitting requests for advisers, including Aaron Shotton, chief of Flintshire, to present a potential presentation of new evidence.

McGahey said: "Mr Shotton has presented the testimony presented by Mr Attridge's proof.

"The text sent by Mr Attridge to Mr Shotton seems to be in the 2017 of November 1, and it seems to Mr Sargeant.

"Mr. Attridge is betting betting shitting bricks … They are saying to Westminster MPs and they are no longer ahead of AM … on the hit list."

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Prime Minister Carwyn Jones issued evidence on Wednesday

Mrs. McGahey said Mr Attridge said on November 5 that Mr Sargeant's rumors were circulating at Labor Club, and people in the Labor group did not say anything.

He then said, "Mr Sargeant has done something that can lead to imprisonment."

"Mr Attridge and Mr Attridge will have exactly what he meant," said the judge before adding: "Mr. Actridge has not told you the truth.

"Signing a true statement when you're saying something you're saying is not true, it's the contempt of court."

Mr. Gittins heard the word of advice from the evidence, but dismissed it, saying he had enough of his work.

Earlier, the inquest heard the prime minister warned Mr Sargeant "cautioned" over behavior and drank anonymous letter after saying "it was not appropriate to be women."

Lan AM was the woman who had refused to act correctly.

The inquiries heard about "pollutants" died a few months before.

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He asked his family for forgiveness and said: "I have failed."

He still lied: "The cause of my acts" is not worth the publicity. "

Ruthin, in Denbighshire Inquest, on Wednesday, spoke Mr Jones of an anonymous letter in 2014, in Mr Sargeant's Alyn and Deeside District.

"I remember," it's not appropriate to be women, "but the letter was anonymous. I sent him to Carl," he asked.

Mr Jones said Mr Sargeant in 2014 said: "You need to know … be careful, of course, who is you watching."

The Prime Minister also said: "Be careful what you do and how much you drink."

Mr Jones said Mr Sargeant had "no alcoholic" but kept the company "very hard."

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Leslie Thomas QC questioned Carwyn Jones in Carl Sargeant to avoid how it was managed

Judge John Gittins said that since 2001, the couple had met each other and "had never been the crossword," and he continued to end his life.

Mr Jones was not acquainted with Mr. Sargeant's depression or suffered depression, heard the inquest.

When he heard rumors about Mr Sargeant's behavior, he said: "Rumors are in politics. It's a strange attempt."

He did not know what rumors they realized on October 18, 2017, to discuss senior cabinetmakers with senior consultants on the day.

"No rumor" tried to see proof. Asked what he changed, he said: "The catalysts were the fact we had names. Once the names were known, I think they need to look more."

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He said that he needed to write something, and later Mr Sargeant made allegations about the Labor Party in October 2017.

"At that time, it was important to support the anonymity of complaining," Mr Jones said.

Why he did not want to talk to Mr Sargeant, he said: "I gave more details about the allegation … I would immediately know, I think, who was the people and that was the risk I could not take."

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Carwyn Jones has jumped as prime minister of the day since being named "the darkest of the time"

Mr Sargeant discussed a tweet in the afternoon, saying that after having made a dog, he suggested that Mr Sargeant say that he was doing away with his personal behavior.

Mr Jones said: "There was no need to force the information to volunteer …

The Prime Minister spoke "that morning's feeling of fear" … I slept on it, "but I had to do it".

He said he did not explain the details of Mr Sargeant's complaint, "he could not", but said the police were not involved.

Mr Sargeant's response was "curious", he said "did not recognize" allegations. "In politics, that's not a denial," Mr Jones said.

Release after Tweet

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Carl Sargeant gave the statement by the Galician government for four days.

It was not bad, and "he was a little up, but he was not bored." Asked, his reaction was triggered by alarm bells, Mr Jones said: "There was no reason to question what those who were questioning."

He advised him to advise the union and "keep it down". But after the tweeting by Mr Sargeant, the Welsh Government had to be "firefighter".

"The press would be speculated. Twitter is corrosive," he said.

When he felt the need to respond to Mr. Sargeant's tweet, he said: "It was because of that Tweet, there were no truths about Carl's allegations."

The Inquest heard Mr Jones audio broadcast on BBC Wales news broadcast on November 6, before Mr Sargeant dies.

There, Mr Jones used words "incidents". The court asked if he could see the difference between the word "allegations".

He did not answer, saying: "The news reports are clear about the accusations.

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Leslie Thomas is the representative of the QC Sargeant family

Mr Jones said Friday that it had happened to him on Friday, if Mr Sargeant had been away and had not been held in the middle of the week, he got help from his family.

Leslie Thomas QC, the representative of the Sargeant family, told Mr Jones that Mr Jones was told about a life-long event in 2014, and how many people might be sensitive, Mr. Jones might have decided.

Barrister questioned why an anonymous letter sent by Mr Sargeant in 2014 was due to be sent. When Mr Jones heard that he knew, he sent letters to Mrs. Sargeant.

He did not talk to Mr Sargeant about a 2016 complaint, "he did not want me to complain".

The Inquest asked Anne Jones AM to work on the work team and Mr Sargeant, and on the other hand, the pastoralist.

Mr Jones told Mr Thomas that afternoon happened after Mr Sargeant's dismissal and there was no "political issue" adding that Mr Jones was able to raise Mr. Sargeant.

Ms Jones "liked having agreed to Carl from the personal level," he said.

Mr Jones investigated earlier that he was scheduled to reform in November 2017, discussing it with a left-wing nationalist party, as well as giving new opportunities to others.

& # 39; Full Disk & # 39;

But he had received "complaints" about Mr Sargeant during the discussions. Mr Jones has earlier rumors about Mr. Sargeant "tittle-tattle, characterized by rumors by his expert advisor.

He said the allegations written by Mr Jones, a few days before being remodeled on November 3: "They were not part of the process of remodeling."

Mr Sargeant, who was playing the role of leading the house, was avoided that day.

Mr Jones was confirmed as prime minister of "fully" by his appointment or move and was "full discretionary" over cabinets.

Earlier, Mr Jones's senior special adviser Matthew Greenough was reminded by the inquest on Tuesday to clarify some evidence, allegations made against Mr Sargeant for details about hours.

The "oral" claim alleges alleged fluctuations in the courts known as Miss A and Miss B, and has occurred in the summer of 2017.

These were reported to the Labor Party by Mr Jones in October 2017. The two women who participated then made a written statement.

Rumors about Mr Sargeant

There have been two prior allegations in 2016, but as an anonymous letter.

Mr Greenough has reportedly denounced a complaint made by a woman named Miss C in 2015, but she was told until 2016.

The court said that there had been a warehouse in which Mr Sargeant lost his job. There he was another, when Mr Jones spoke with another minister.

Mr Gittins asked about any of the things that were mentioned about this, Mr Greenough said: "It's not in my presence."

He said Sargeant's family consultant Leslie Thomas QC did not believe Mr. Jones could have had an interview without anyone knowing it.

The Special Adviser Jane Runeckles began debating between re-launching in the summer of 2017 between her "Matt and the Prime Minister".

Asked about a meeting on October 18, 2017, he confirmed that Mr Sargeant had "rumored", but the inquest himself still considered the head of the house.

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Mr Sargeant's body was found in a room in Connah Quay's home

The court said the case could still be understood, and he replied: "The prime minister was absolutely clear that this point was a tittle-tattle. He did not recommend anything."

The restructuring made Mr Jones' commitment to turn the private AM into government and people did not allow it with government-prevailing governments, he said inquest.

But avoiding Mr. Sargeant, Mr. Greenough received a statement from the complainant on November 1.

Mr. Gittins said: "That was the deciding factor in its removal from its offices. Are you okay?"

Ms Runeckles responded "yes," which would make it difficult to postpone a recharge.

The referee continues: "The scene is something we have here …" I know Carl needs to go, and he needs to go, let's move on "… not a photo" Complaints related to these reasons … nobody is breathing deeply take it here. ""

Andy's brother, Mr Sargeant, asked Ms Runeckles not to do anything, and "no," he said, "It's something about election greed. [politicians] The same thing happens … will you come in to find out what this knowledge has come about? "

Setting the scene & # 39;

Mr Thomas repeatedly inquired about Ms Runeckles's talk on October 18 and the rumors about Mr. Sargeant, mainly due to the #MeToo movement and "political destruction" of Westminster.

The court said he did not ask about rumors and said "it's not important," Mr. Thomas questioned. He said Mr. Sargeant could talk about the matter, but not.

Leslie Thomas QC asked the remodeling "to try to mask Mr. Sargeant's situation in the wrong way".

"Absolutely no," he replied.

Mr Thomas asked Mr Jones why Miss A and Miss B's allegations in 2017, when Miss C made his original allegations in 2016, complained now.

Mr Jones accused him of "setting the scene" to "erase Mr. Sargeant."

"I have removed Carl from the Cabinet without any reason," replied the Prime Minister.

He said that he thought he was someone who came in 2016, he should now ask him to make a complaint.

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