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Celtic goalkeeper Craig Gordon could make history despite the Scott Bain gloves despite getting the Betfred League Cup on Sunday


Celtic goalkeeper Craig Gordon will score a bit against Hampden Parkhead on the Betfred League Cup against the final against Aberdeen on Sunday afternoon. Celtic has never been in the club claiming that Celtic has claimed the four League Cup medals, and although this is happening, Gordon will make the gloves unmistakeable.

Scott Bain won the league cup matches this season, Brendan Rodgers will not change things without telling Gordet his name to Celtic history.

Parkhead's director stressed that there is no frustration for the Scottish international party, which is trying to penetrate the first silver piece of the season. But he has played in the semifinals of Celtic's three league rounds, and warns him that he is 27 years old.

"Scott plays on Sunday – I do not have any problems like that," Rodgers said. "It's a fantastic goalkeeper, Craig can still get it [a medal]. Training is where there is something that we talked about at the beginning of the season. I would like to take part in the cup competitions that I've introduced to both goalkeepers, and I worked well. It's very supportive, Craig. He is a great goalkeeper, but he is very mature in all his predictions and recognizes the importance he has with him, and he also needs two numbers that need a good level. "

Rodgers is not afraid of the cellular aspect of Bath.

But he signed a permanent deal this summer when Gordon's injured protester arrives Celtic in the afternoon during the January decree Rodger does not distinguish between his goalkeeper and his deputy.

Back-up Bain was the mix he had thrown out of Ibrox's 3-2 win over his Celtic debut, a sink or swim experience that almost immediately sealed his future as the side of the Parkhead club.

"The biggest test you're testing as a Celtic player is escaping from Ibrox," he said. "It was not (it's too big for him), but Scott is very good at temperatures and how we fit it.

"He is very calm and very hard. We know that the management and the players are confident, so that when they go to the team, they play very well.

"So, if he plays like you, any other game will not be easy, but he will certainly be able to deal with it. He has played in the first place at any time.

"It's been great and has a great mentality, it's been a very faithful companion, I see it, Craig has got a shirt and it's been great for me for a long time, but it's important that we had another goalkeeper and Scott was not afraid.

Before arriving at this point, the Celts had the challenge of winning the first Europa League game. Parkhead face Rosenborg in Trondheim on Thursday afternoon, trying to get out of team B and try to adapt to the tournament's wins.

"We did that in the Champions League[One win away, so let's see if we can do it here too, "Rodgers said." That would be a good thing. We have a couple of big games but they are big weeks, are not they? It's nice to put these games in a good shape. We are playing well and all the players are paying attention ".

Scott Brown, the Celtic Captain, takes part in the Norwegian championship or against Aberdeen on Sunday afternoon. The 33-year-old midfielder made twice the day after the end of September, after months after Hibs, after repeated injury.

"We'll look at the week ahead," Rodgers said. "There has not been a lot of time in the game for a long time, so we'll see how we see it in the next few days. Even if it's not 90 minutes, maybe one game could be closed and closed."

Rodgers also had a loan from Filip Benjovic until the end of the season. The Leicester Defender has a clause in which the Premier League remembers in January, but notes to director Claude Puel Leicester recommends that the 21-year-old boy will be in Glasgow for the duration of this term.

"We did not confirm that, but it would be Leicester, Filip and us," said Rodgers. "I think it's been a great talent for the past 21 years and the idea behind here is to know what is going on in a giant club, playing, developing, and getting ready for Leicester in the Premier League. We have good relations with Leicester but it has been a very tricky time for them, So, I have not been pushing them. We have not happened since the unfortunate accident, we have taken a step from here, and we will make the right moment. "

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